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Genre Communication
Size 55 MB
Version 9.98
UpdateMay 28, 2024
Mod Features Extra Features/ Anti-Ban
Compatibility 4.4 and up
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Nowadays, we’re living with AI technology, and as well as, our daily life accessories, services, transportation, and communication system are also upgraded to its most leading peak.

If we talk about communication only, until now, we’ve updated to the instant messaging generation where we don’t need to pick up and dial calls to communicate with people.

Instant messaging is arising with rapid growth, and there are tremendous Instant messaging protocols invented yet such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Hike, Facebook, and much more. Among all these instant messaging platforms, WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging protocol.

About YoWhatsApp (YoWA)

YoWhatsApp APK Download

WhatsApp was started on 3rd May 2009, and right now, after 11 years, it’s the world’s best instant messaging platform for both devices, Android, and iOS.

It is the most popular mobile messenger app worldwide, having over 1.5 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp is available in almost all countries in the world, and also it started the business version for helping all businessmen worldwide.

There are immense exceptional features available in the WhatsApp messaging app. WhatsApp works as both, a messenger and as well as a dialer or video caller.

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You can directly call your friends via WhatsApp, either if you have got the main balance in your sim or not.

Moreover, The WhatsApp android application also provides you with an easy-to-use app interface, which comes with three pages: Chats, Status, and Calls.

Besides that, you can also search for WhatsApp contacts by its search bar and can pin your favorite or frequent contacts at the top of the list.

Why use Yo WhatsApp APK?

YoWhatsApp APK Latest

YoWhatsApp is just like the recreated version of WhatsApp, which is developed for providing you with the most desired features of an instant messaging platform.

The official WhatsApp lacks plenty of features such as status download, theme support, auto-reply option, additional stickers, emojis, and many more features that every app user desires to have.

So the YoWA APK is here right now to hear all your needs and fulfill them. This mystic android app will provide you with most of the extraordinary features such as Status download, auto-reply, chat log, and the support of exceptional themes and fonts.

Moreover, it’s a simple Android application that can work on almost all android devices over the Android 4.4 version, even either if it’s rooted or not.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about any security issues while using this app, since your security is our priority.

We already tested this app on over ten android devices, and it’s 100% bug-free. Just download it right now and enjoy its endless features free of cost by the link given below.


  • The YoWhatsApp comes with all the features available in the official WhatsApp, as well as the ditto of the same app interface.
  • By using this app, you can manage two different WhatsApp accounts on a single device.
  • If you have a business either online or offline, this app will amaze you with its auto-reply feature which you can set custom.
  • YoWhatsapp consists of different themes with hundreds of distinct font styles.
  • This app lets you read the complete contacts log from when your friend came online to when he changed his profile picture.
  • You can also choose the sent, delivered, and seen blue tick styles from a vast collection available in this app.
  • One of the best features of this app is, that you can download the stories of your friends directly without any additional app support.
  • It’ll also provide you with an exceptional variety of app icons.
  • The app interface of YoWhatsApp is more comfortable than official WhatsApp, since this app contains a separate page for listing all the groups.
  • You can also hide your private chats in this WhatsApp version by long-press on the WhatsApp icon.
  • It also provides you with an option for hiding blue tick and last seen from your sent messages.

How to Download & Install YoWhatsApp on Android?

YoWhatsApp is not available on the Google Play Store. You can search for it on Google, and you can download it from websites with a download interface. The original developer of is not authorizing this application anymore.

If you try to download it from “Yousef Al Basha”, which was the original developer, then a non-responsive page with a disclaimer of “Under Maintenance” will open. But no need to worry, on this website we are providing you with the direct download link of YoWA app.


The installation process of YoWA is simple and straightforward, you can install it as you install the normal APK file on your Android devices. However, if you don’t know how to install an APK file on android then it’s totally fine, just follow the below steps, and you are good to go.

  1. First Download YoWA app latest version from the above link.
  2. Now from your android phone, Go to Settings and then open Security now you will see an option to enable “Unknown Sources” simply enable it.Unknown Sources
  3. Once done, Go to Download Folder where you have downloaded the YoWA APK.
  4. Tap on the YoWA app file to install the app.
  5. Next, open the app and now “Register” the app with a phone number.
  6. That’s it, You are ready to enjoy the exclusive WhatsApp features.

Security Warning

Though, we have provided you with all the information about YoWhatsApp and have shared the methods to download it. But it doesn’t mean we are promoting the application.

Applications like YoWhatsApp are modified versions which can be quickly developed but have specific privacy issues. It has various exclusive services which are very beneficial, but ultimately, it puts your privacy at stake.

In the present world, everyone is looking for personal benefits. If an actual WhatsApp messenger exists, then what is the need for making such an application?

The internet market is flooded with Mod applications such as OG WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, and many more such options. The answer will be more money and data. The digital world hunts for data as it acts as a supplement to grow stronger and sustain more.

If you are using such applications, someone sitting with their system may access your data which may include your contact details, pictures, passwords, and many more, and can use it as per their need. Privacy is the primary concern with such kinds of Mod applications.

Furthermore, the Google Play Store does not provide the option to download it, which makes it very clear that you may endanger the security of your mobile phone.

I hope you know how to download Yo WhatsApp. But remember that the actual WhatsApp messenger keeps your information private, so it has some restrictions.

If someone is providing you benefits out of those restrictions, then they might be planning to get something in return.

In the end, It all depends on you whether you want to enjoy the features by accepting the slight risk or you would like to keep your privacy and data protection a priority. Decide that suits you and your privacy.


Is it safe to install YoWhatsapp APK on Android devices?

Yes, it’s damn safe to install YoWhatsapp on your android device since we’ve checked this app in tremendously different specification devices, so you don’t have to worry about security issues. This app is 100% safe and secure.

Can I uninstall YoWhatsApp APK when I want to?

Yes, you can uninstall it at any time you want. The YoWhatsApp is just a simple android app like other applications. You can download it directly from the link provided in this article and can install like other apps, and also can uninstall it whenever you want. You only have to operate the uninstallation process the same as for other apps.

Do I need to enable permission to install Yo WhatsApp?

Yes, you need to enable permissions after downloading this app, and it’ll only ask for the few permissions that official WhatsApp asks for. To operate Yo WhatsApp on your android device, you have to enable access to your contacts for chatting purposes, a camera for capturing photos and videos, a microphone to record audio, a location for the live location feature. At last, storage for sharing your saved data.

How to update YoWhatsApp?

The posted app is the latest version of Yo WhatsApp APK, and for further updates, you can visit our website, since we update apps here frequently.

Will I get banned for using YoWhatsApp?

Basically, this application comes with an anti-ban feature, so you don’t have to worry about anything, but for a trial, use it first on an ineffective account since if you’re using professional features, you must have to take caution.

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp is a popular mobile application for providing an instant messaging service on smartphones. Moreover, it’s also famous for great different features such as video calling, voice calling, audio texts, etc.

Here in this article, you can download the recreated version of WhatsApp – YoWhatsApp APK. This version will provide you with a few additional exceptional features that you won’t get in any other WhatsApp version.

So must download this Anti-ban app right now and enjoy it.

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