YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced

v19.26.37 by ReVanced Official Verified

NameYouTube ReVanced
PublisherReVanced Official
Genre Entertainment
Size 102 MB
Version 19.26.37
UpdateJuly 11, 2024
Mod Features No Ads
Compatibility 4.2 and up
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YouTube is the biggest service used these days to enjoy daily hours as videos are the best source of learning, listening, and understanding. There are no entertainment influences or vibes better anyway than YouTube, but people find it hard to enjoy YouTube content because of tremendous obstacles.

Well, YouTube Vanced relieved a lot in diminishing them, but as that service got disabled, let’s revise YouTube ReVanced.

YouTube Vanced was an unusual gift for all YouTube Premium lovers, as it contained all the benefits that one can get only after paying the premium charges.

After taking 129.00 INR monthly recurring payments, YouTube Premium delivers you the privileges like an ad-free app interface, background play, picture-in-picture mode, dark mode, and many more.

However, YouTube Vanced released a note recently stating that they can’t continue the service anymore, and consequently a brilliant developer team created the YouTube ReVanced app.

The name exceptionally justifies the app’s existence in every YouTube streamer’s heart as it’s the ReVanced, the republished or redesigned version of Vanced. If you’re finding it so hard, grab YouTube ReVanced today.

YouTube ReVanced MOD APK

What is YouTube ReVanced?

Before glancing at the amazingness of YouTube ReVanced, it’d be amazing if you’d acknowledge the YouTube Vanced version. It’s cool if you already know about that, but if not, Vanced is the free premium version of YouTube, or technology was the free premium version of YouTube that helped millions of YouTube streamers to employ all the premium features without paying the recurring charges.

After getting the notice from YouTube Vanced about their soon service halt, some brilliant developers have created YouTube ReVanced, known as the redeveloped Vanced for enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, YouTube Vanced is still working on tremendous smartphones, and they all are enjoying ad-free streaming. But if you’re a newbie or finding the old Vanced version incompatible with your device, YouTube ReVanced can be your thing!

Moreover, if you’re dreaming of more customization features and exceptional control with a YouTube Premium plan, you can try this app as an alternative.

It’s the free modified version we created for the YouTube ReVanced app with some additional features you can enjoy using the below-listed app.

What is YouTube ReVanced?

Sometimes when life hits so hard and we feel alone, we try our best to find a kind of support to survive that hell time. Well, finding a hand on the shoulder is hard these days, and you won’t really need that if you’d have a virtual hand of entertainment. Try streaming with our amazing app modification.

The ReVanced version includes all the exact features that you saw within YouTube Vanced such as the complete YouTube Premium features and customization privileges.

Moreover, you get access to use some additional features which aren’t available within official WhatsApp. In simple words, this version of YouTube would completely change your mindset about streaming videos as the complexities would get drastically reduced.

Youtube ReVanced

Fortunately, you won’t just get all the old same Vanced features again if you choose this YouTube modification in place of the official app.

The modified version sarcastically delivers amazing enhancements including the swiping controls of MX Player on YouTube, app customization, and frame rate customization. In simple words, professional streamers won’t wait for a second to download this mod!


Modified app versions are known at peak for having the additional advancements and the free premium app module which you can officially only get by paying real bucks.

A similar thing would happen here, and you’d then get amazing features within ReVanced Mod as listed below.

Zero Advertisements

Everyone with no YouTube Premium always gets annoyed while streaming online videos, as these days YouTube is sandwiching online ads, including up to 10 video ads between a single video.

Suppose you are there to learn about something and they’re halting your learning continuity with ads! Stop doing that right now and give a chance to YouTube ReVanced. It’s a 100% ad-free app version developed only for futuristic streamers.

Background Play

Background Play is the next beautiful tactic that you can get with this application and it is worth your attention at its best. After having the Background Play mode enabled within this YouTube version, you can change your YouTube to Music Player software.

Play your favorite song, lock the screen, or open other apps to complete your work while enjoying YouTube playing in the background.

Offline Download

Do you know that downloading a video consumes lesser data bytes than streaming it? Yeah, that’s a truth even if you’re streaming YouTube for a single time or compounding it.

Offline Download would help you there. If you stream almost the same music every day, you can download them at your desired resolution and enjoy it later without using an internet connection.

AMOLED Dark Mode

There is a huge difference between the normal Dark Mode and the AMOLED Dark Mode, and it’s your very first need if you’re using an AMOLED display phone.

It delivers you a Dark AMOLED mode which you can enable by hitting a single toggle. Afterward, you would stream with a dark locked screen kind of adorable display.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Picture-in-Picture Mode is just a type of background video playing to do essential works for enjoyment, but conversely, it includes some more evolutions.

It’s the same PIP mode that you first enjoyed in MX Player video player software. Virtually, you’d have a small display of that video running consequently with all your important apps, making you entertained with work.

Convenient Controlling

The major reason behind the huge fanbase of the MX Player video player app is it’s convenient video controlling, and that’d become a reason here within YouTube ReVanced too.

The modified version includes all the handy controls such as swiping up-down volume and brightness controls, swiping right-left video forwarding, and reversing. Enjoy the simplicity!


Humans got technology only to take their simplicity to an advanced level, but Google’s YouTube these days is doing the converse thing just to get some recurring payments as a Premium subscription to unlock MOD/ No Ads for absolutely free.

Don’t worry as we won’t let you feel complex and annoyed even for a single while using our YouTube ReVanced MOD APK.

This Vanced version is compatible with all your Android devices and would work long-lasting to enlighten your streaming with free premium privileges.

Take a moment, download this exceptional modification, and start exploring YouTube without online ads!

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