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NameYouTube Music
PublisherGoogle LLC
Genre Entertainment
Size 64 MB
Version 7.08.53
UpdateJuly 9, 2024
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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Online Music Streaming services have become a helpful method for people to listen to music. Nowadays, users can make wishlists, filter songs as per their choice, change the genre of the song, play music as per their wish, and they can still play and arrange songs as per their choice. Download YouTube Music Premium APK to get all of those features free of cost.

It’s not the time of buying cassettes or DVDs for playing favorite music since the only thing it takes is just a click. Through a monthly subscription, no matter free or paid, users have their favorite artists and creators in their pockets. Even online streaming technology, music, and videos are growing consistently in the last decade.

A lot of music streaming services have been started in the last decade such as Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn, and more services. Even YouTube started its music streaming app termed YouTube Music or YT Music, which is available for both Android and iOS.

According to multiple reports, Google announced that they are stopping their Google Play Music from introducing YouTube Music, which will leave it behind with so many other features.

Youtube Music Premium Apk

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription-based application, the same as Spotify and Netflix. YouTube launched its Premium Subscription with YouTube Music service, which was dependent on its premium subscription.

In the last article, we published Youtube Premium’s free recreated application. Must try it at least once. But nowhere we will describe the features of YouTube Music MOD APK and the installation steps with the download link for the app which we have changed for providing you with a free YouTube Music subscription too.

About YouTube Music Premium

The music industry has passed through a lot of modifications because of technical innovations. And today, we are going through the Online Music Streaming revolution. YouTube Music is the newest invention of this revolution.

There are enormous features in the Youtube Music app, which you won’t get in any other music streaming services. The significant feature of Youtube music is, it knows you.

Yes, it remembers you of you if you have any history of listening to music on Youtube, Google Play Music, or if you ever searched for any albums on Google, Youtube Music knows what you have gone through in the last days. It knows your taste in music and will help you find better music relatable to your affection.

But the problem is, YouTube music serves you these excellent services only if you are a paid customer. In simple words, for enjoying all these features, subscribe to the YouTube Music paid plan. Below is the detailed knowledge about its three premium plans –

1.) Individual Plan – It’s the best subscription plan for those who individually want to listen to their favorite song with no ad interruption and even download their favorite music. You can also listen to music in the background. For these features, you only have to pay 99.00 INR per month.

2.) Family Plan – The most dashing feature of this plan is, you can join up to 5 users (aged 13+) of your family members living in the same household, and you can enjoy premium music features together at the same time. There are also a lot of features embedded in this subscription plan which we will discuss below. So this plan costs 149.00 INR per month.

3.) Student Plan – If you are a school or university student, you won’t get any YouTube Music subscription plan better than this one. For enjoying this plan, you only need to fill out a form in which you have to enter your Country name, University name, some of your personal information, and any document issued by the University such as an ID card, any bonafide, etc.

Also Download: YouTube Premium MOD APK

For helping you rise above your problem, we have changed and recreated an app named YouTube Music, in which we already have attached the premium subscription with the Youtube Music app.

So you don’t have to pay a single penny for that, and you can access its whole innovations free of cost with no interruption. You can download YouTube Music Premium app from this article easily without worrying about your phone’s security since our co-workers already have examined this MOD in various IPs.

Download & Installation Guide

After capturing all the features, we came to the result that this app is so much beneficial. Even downloading and installing this app is so easy since you only have to follow the below steps and also you will get the download link below –

  1. In the beginning, click on the link given and you will automatically get redirected to the download page.
  2. Subsequently, click on the download button and download the file to your phone storage.
  3. Before starting the installation procedure, go to the “SETTINGS > SECURITY > UNKNOWN SOURCES” option and activate it if you don’t have installed any app directly by file-manager.Unknown Sources
  4. After activating unknown sources, go to File Manager > Download then locate YouTube Music there and click on it, then click on the install button in the next pop-up.
  5. After installing the app, the system will ask for some permissions such as internet access and storage usage and grant all permissions.

Your app is fully set and you can easily access each premium feature with no interruptions.

For downloading this application on Computer, foremost you have to download an android emulator such as BlueStacks or Gameloop. After that by pressing the F8 key, open the file manager and other settings then follow the same steps as you’ve complied on your phone.


Same as Youtube, Youtube Music also comes with enormous features which makes it one of the best online music streaming services. Some of its excellent features are the following –

Background Play

There is an audio-only mode in this mod apk, by using it, you can play music in the background. It is a remarkably useful feature since by using this, you can save battery power, and cellular data and even you can play music on a locked black screen. You can also plug your phone into your car’s entertainment system, and you can also control it by accessing buttons in that system. Background Playing is a remarkable feature of the Youtube Music app, which makes it different from official Youtube.

No Advertisement

Since no one likes advertisements in between entertainment, that’s why Youtube Music has given this brilliant feature to its app because of which, you won’t get trapped in-between ads while listening to songs and relaxing. By having this feature, Youtube can compete with other music streaming services such as Spotify or Gaana easily. So you must download this app and mark my words, you won’t require any other music streaming app after using it.

High-Quality Music

As Aristotle said, Quality over Quantity, but YouTube is one step ahead of him since it’s giving importance to both, quality with quantity. If we talk about the property of the songs, YouTube currently streams 128 kbps quality songs if you are a free customer, But for paid users, it serves high quality, which is up to 256 kbps. It means that while you use this premium subscription of Youtube Music, You won’t only listen to the music but also feel the music.

Download Songs Offline

If you are a Youtube watcher, you must know about its offline download feature which lets you download most of the videos offline for up to 10 days listening to them offline. It’s the same feature with a few additional advantages. On Youtube, you can only download videos marked as downloadable videos, but on Youtube Music, you can download any of 50 million+ albums with up to 30 days validity. It’s the most prominent feature since downloading consumes fewer data than streaming a song.

Search Lyrics

Most of the crowd suffers from one issue, which is understanding English or any other language songs since it is too difficult for a lot of guys to understand wild Lyrics. So for getting out of that problem, Youtube has embedded this feature in Youtube music, by which you can easily find the lyrics of any song playing and can start the song from any text of the lyric. And also you can play the song together with lyric words. So if you are going on google every time for searching song lyrics while playing the song on the default music player, you must try this app for accessing the lyrics damn quickly.

Discover A Million Of Songs

A few days before, we published an article for downloading Spotify Premium MOD APK, which provides 30 million+ tracks in total, and today we are here with its most prominent competitor offering over 50 million official tracks. Even it also has most of YouTube’s original song content which is amazing. Must listen to those tracks at least once and you will fall in love with that content.

Your Mix

Whenever you click and start the Youtube Premium App, there in the top-left, you will find a playlist type option named Your Mix. And when you press that, it will take you to an instant mix of a bunch of different songs as per your recent search history or based on what you’ve been playing recently.

Auto-Download Liked Song

Auto-Download was the most wanted feature by the people on Youtube, and now on YouTube Music, it’s available. According to this feature, in YT Music’s download menu, you will get two sections from which one will consist of your downloaded songs, and the other will consist of songs downloaded by YT Music for you which cover most of your liked and related songs.

App Interface

If we talk about the app interface, when we start the app, we can see that it’s divided into three original sections which are Home, Hotlist, and library. When we look at the homepage of the app, we will see most of the playlists there with the music related to our choice. And also we will get Your mix playlist there which we’ve mentioned above. Also, you will get icons for various artists, and if you like any of them, your upcoming playlists will adopt that artist too.

You can also Like and Unlike the songs or videos there since there is a large algorithm behind them. Liking songs will help you make your playlist stronger whereas unliking them helps you in ignoring the content you don’t like.

On the second page, you will get Hotlist in which you will get music videos that are hot, new, and trending right now on YouTube. You can also turn on the stats while playing a video or song, which will help you find out enormous info about the content.

The Library section on the last page comprises all your downloaded videos or songs, like songs, playlists, albums, and artists. There will be both custom playlists and YouTube-organized playlists in the Playlist menu.

This app has a gorgeous app interface that gives you an outstanding experience. So must download this app and enjoy the interface.

People Also Ask

Can I Download Music and Video songs?

No, this feature has not yet been available on YouTube Music Premium. But you can access an unlimited number of songs online for free of cost. Apart from these, there are several other features which you can enjoy free of charge.

Is the Music Recommendation on YouTube good?

Yes, the music recommendation of YouTube Music Premium APK works fantastically. The music recommendation feature of this app makes it preferable to other music apps. Its AI-based recommendations look for your search history, listening interests, and location and then give you the best recommendation. Whatever your music mood is, search for one song, and then you will get all the songs you wanted to listen to.

Is it Safe to Install on my device?

It is completely safe to download and install on your device as it will not cause any harm. A senior developer has developed the app, and the file has undergone many scanning processes. The data is free from any malware or any other viruses, which means it will cause no harm to your android device. But for your safety, make sure that you download it from a trusted site. You can trust this app.


YouTube Music is offering a lot of features if we compare it with other online music streaming services. There are too many outstanding features in YouTube Music Premium APK for making playlists for you, as if you go on the home screen, you will find a lot of playlists there. Also, this app is a Mod, Unlocked, ad-free and with background music options available, which will make your device multitask.

So after acknowledging all these features, we came to the result that Youtube is the #1 online music streaming service with 50 M+ tracks. If you use this app, you can listen to all these tracks without spending a single cent. So read the whole instructions and download it right now. Enjoy it

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