YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium

v19.28.35 by Google LLC Verified

NameYouTube Premium
PublisherGoogle LLC
Genre Entertainment
Size 96 MB
Version 19.28.35
UpdateJuly 18, 2024
Mod Features No Ads
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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The competition between the Global Video Platforms is getting damn powerful nowadays. The global video market is notably outstanding since it is a mixture of a lot of services. But we know that you are looking for YouTube Premium.

Of all of these sub-platforms, the major one serving nowadays is the Online Video Sharing Platform, and if you know about this platform, then you must know about YouTube ReVanced.

This service has taken the biggest crowd in Global Video Market, yes it’s true that today everyone is damn addicted to Netflix Premium, but the trend of YouTube will never die.

Since it has earned a lot of fame as it was the first Online Video Platform the important thing is that it’s a Google co-brand.

How YouTube Premium Started?

About two years ago, youtube started presenting its premium subscriptions, in which you can surf a lot of content without getting interrupted by any advertisement, also you can play any video in the background, and a bunch of more dashing features.

Youtube Premium Apk

But YouTube Premium started as a paid service and most students, professionals, and a lot more people can’t afford it nowadays. So for solving this problem, today we are here with our new article entirely based on YouTube Premium.

Here in this article, you will get a modified version of Youtube which will have a Premium Subscription attached to it which means that you don’t have to pay any single rupee for youtube premium, sounds cool.

About YouTube App

Youtube is #1 among all other online video sharing+streaming platforms. They created this service in Feb 2005 in California, and if we examine now after 15 years, Youtube earned an enormous amount of users.

Since today People can’t even eat food without YouTube, which means that people need this service at any single moment of their life. Despite most of the Google surfers are also getting switched to this service, searching for anything.

YouTube Mod

Youtube is also an excellent platform for live streamers such as Gamers, Reviewers, vloggers, and much more. It is the plus point of YouTube that you can earn money by streaming live if you have sufficient numbers of subscribers and viewers. And also if you are a fan of watching gaming videos and live videos, nothing is more enjoyable than this platform.

A lot of crowds are leaving youtube now because of advertisement interruptions, but moving is not a resolution since they can’t get any more reliable platform than YouTube.

So for those guys, we have published YouTube Premium in this article in which they can take a premium subscription to YouTube without paying a single penny.

More on YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription plan for Youtube in which you can enjoy a lot of premium services.

Professional characteristics, such as you can enjoy videos without ads and you can play videos as music in the background and a lot more features which we will examine in the below section.

As we have discussed that is a paid subscription so let us acknowledge all the premium plans of the service.

1.) Individual YouTube Premium Plan: In this plan, you can individually get a lot of features from Youtube as well as it’s a minor recently launched app, Youtube Music.

In this app, you can listen to a tremendous collection of free music and also can download them to virtual space for an offline experience. This subscription plan costs 129.00 INR per month and 399.00 INR for 3 months.

2.) Family Plan: The significant feature of this plan is, that you can add up to 5 members (aged 13+) of your family members who live in the same household and enjoy premium services at the same time.

Its remaining features are as same as other subscription plans. This plan will require 189.00 INR per month for you.

3.) Student Plan: For availing of this subscription plan, you must have to give an annual verification of being a student.

You will have to fill out a form in which you have to enter a residential country, University, Name, and email address, and upload a copy of your student ID or any school-issued document in JPG format for verification.

After this whole process of reviewing, you will get all subscription concerts for 79.00 INR per month.

Also Download: YouTube Music Premium

What is YouTube Premium?

For providing you free YouTube Premium Subscription, we have modified an application in which there is a Youtube app with the premium subscription already assigned to it.

You don’t have to worry about your device’s security since our Professional techies have already tested this app and it’s out of bugs or viruses.

You can download this application easily in this article just by reading and practicing the below steps carefully, must enjoy it.

For your information, YouTube Vanced and YouTube both are the same. YouTube Vanced is a mod version of the official YouTube App offering all premium features. This mod is developed by Team Vanced.

Installation Process

Downloading YouTube from this article is damn easy, you only have to follow simple instructions, and you can easily download + install it without worrying about your device’s security. Following are the steps to download the APK.

  1. First of all, you have to click on the link given below, and you will automatically get redirected to the download page.
  2. You will get the download button below, you can download the app directly by clicking on it.
  3. After downloading the app successfully, turn on installation from unknown sources which you can do by accessing the path Settings > App Settings > Unknown Sources > Enable.Unknown Sources
  4. Locate the application by going to the file manager and opening the download folder in it.
  5. After locating the application, click on it, and in the next pop-up, click on the install button. It will take about 10-20 seconds or as per your device’s memory.
  6. The APK is installed successfully, and now you can enjoy it with a lot of features.


Background Play

Background play was the most wanted feature of the people from the YouTube application, which they fulfilled in the paid premium subscription.

This feature avails you to play youtube videos in the background like music players since everyone is using Youtube majorly for listening to new albums, music, podcasts, and much more.

So for all the listeners, this feature is the most reliable. You can also stop the videos in the background while doing some important work on your phone below Youtube small window or the menu in the notification bar.

You can even lock your device and control the music from the notification menu and can hear the audio on the black screen.

No Advertisement

Now you can access anything on YouTube without having zero interruption by online mid-video ads as well as its wall page ads which is pretty cool.

Advertisements are the worst time for everyone since no one wants to be stuck in ads while making some knowledge or viewing some striking content.

You don’t have to sit through those tedious ads again since you can download here free YouTube Premium APK.

Works as YouTube

This app works ditto the same as the YouTube official app even if it is the actual Youtube app with paid features enabled free of cost.

This app has all of the content as same as the Youtube official application. So you don’t have to worry about any of your favorite creators being missing on this app.

Also, if you look at the front-end design of YouTube Premium, you will see damn the same design and icons as it is in the Youtube Official app.

Video Downloading

For all mobile users, you have the ability to download videos and enjoy them on the go. So if you have any situation like you are watching any of the videos, and you don’t have access to data, or you don’t want to use cellular data, you can download the content free of cost for watching it offline.

Downloaded videos will last a long to a month or later, so you don’t have to worry about that. Even downloading and watching videos consumes less cellular data than streaming videos online, must try this feature.

Music Download

You can download music from a tremendous collection on Youtube itself, or if you want, so you can download other applications’ sounds too.

The feature you were willing to have in different apps and you will perceive that here. So please download this app and must try this feature at least once since it’s damn cool.

Dark Mode

The dark mode is one of the best features of Youtube Premium since playing any application in dark mode looks pretty cool. But only a few devices are dark mode enabled which are recently released.

There are most of the old-age devices from Samsung, Xiaomi, and many more brands don’t have updated the dark mode feature in it. So must try this feature, it will make your app-using experience fabulous.


By using this application, your device will become Multitasking since the last time you were accessing Youtube you weren’t able to use any other app.

But now, while hearing albums or some knowledgable content, you can also access other apps and do your side work damn easily. It’s one of the most useful features for professionals and Students, must give it a try.

No Root Required

It’s the perception of a lot of users that they can only use MOD apps on their device if it has root access, yeah that’s right, but not all of the modified app requires root access.

There are a lot of apps that you can use easily without having root access like YouTube that you will get here.

Rooting your device can result in harming your device’s memory, battery, processor, and even its security. So this mod doesn’t need any root access.

Youtube Original Web Series

This benefit of Youtube Premium lets you get access to all the Youtube Originals, and Youtube has built a lot of pretty cool original shows that are worth watching of them.

We’re listing a few Youtube Originals that are excellent which are Wayne, Impulse, Origin, Cobra kai, and also a lot of technical web series such as A.I. and much more. All this content will blow your mind so you must try these all cool web series.

People Also Ask

Is it Safe to Install YouTube MOD APK?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use. Since it is an official modded version of youtube, you do not need to access it via a rooted device. This means that it is safe and secure to use.

Can I download videos from YouTube MOD?

Yes, as you know on a youtube paid subscription you can download an unlimited number of high-quality videos on your smartphone.

Similarly, you can download your favorite videos, and shows for free of cost and enjoy them while you are offline.

Is YouTube Premium MOD APK a virus?

No, it is not malware, and it will not infect your device at all. This mod is developed by well-known developers so you do not have to worry about viruses or malware in the app.

You can enjoy multiple features free of cost and get a better video viewing experience.


The YouTube MOD APK is excellently modified by adding all the features which you will only get in Youtube Premium/No Ads.

Must try this app at least once without worrying about anything and must go through the whole YouTube Original web series since these series are damn creative.

All steps about downloading and installing the app are given above, firstly read that carefully and then download the application. Enjoy.

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