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v17.70 by AlexMods Verified

NameWhatsApp Plus
Genre Communication
Size 57 MB
Version 17.70
UpdateJuly 2, 2024
Mod Features Anti Ban
Compatibility 4.4 and up
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Hey, there today in this article, I will cover everything about WhatsApp Plus APK and the download link. In this post, I have covered all the features of WhatsApp Plus, and I have also shown you how to use those excellent features.

So, firstly let’s see What is WhatsApp Plus? It is a modded version of the official WhatsApp. This mod of WhatsApp comes with numerous surprising features that you will never see on official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus or WA+ has become very popular, and it has 5,000,000+ users. You understand that most of the users have shifted from WhatsApp to WhatsApp+. The reason is obvious, as WhatsApp+ offers you great features than the original WhatsApp.

About WhatsApp Plus (WA Plus)

You can download the WA Plus 2024 Latest Version free for Android. And not only that, this app has got an exceptional feature that allows you to run multiple WhatsApp accounts from one phone. That’s the most popular feature that most WA+ users like.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

I am personally using WhatsApp Plus for a long time, and it’s beneficial for me. I use this app to hide blue ticks, use multiple WhatsApp accounts, and delete the sent messages.

The mod comes with great features that you generally don’t get in the official WhatsApp app. You can fascinate your friends with those fantastic WhatsApp+ features.

If you search on the internet, you will find many mods of WhatsApp available. The reason for choosing WhatsApp+ is straightforward. This app is very much popular because of its cool new features.

Now a question that strikes your mind is, Is WA Plus Safe? The answer is Yes, it’s completely safe to install on your android. Let me tell you why I am saying this. Whatever security features you get in official WhatsApp, you get all the same security in WA+ as well. It is completely safe to use on your Android phone.

This app is only available for android users. iOS users cannot use this app, as the developer of WhatsApp+ has not developed it for IOS users. But don’t worry, you can try GBWhatsApp for iPhone, which offers the same features.

Whatsapp Plus Featured New

Here are some popular features of WhatsApp Plus latest version, you can auto-reply, schedule messages, hide online status, DND mode, and much more.

You will receive updates for this app according to official WhatsApp, which means whenever WhatsApp releases a new update, then you get the updated version of the app on this page.

So, I strongly recommend you bookmark this blog post. It will help you to receive updates on WA Plus. Below, I have discussed the full features of this app.


WhatsApp Plus APK Latest

As I mentioned previously, in the introduction part of this article, WhatsApp Plus comes with plenty of cool features. You generally don’t get any of these features on the official WhatsApp App.

After knowing about these cool features, I am sure you are very much excited about trying out this app. Below, I am highlighting some of the most useful features of this app. This feature will help you to save time and makes a good user experience.

Privacy Features

WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide your online status as well as hide your Blue tick and second this. Now, this feature will be handy for those users who don’t want to show their online activity to another person.


WhatsApp+ comes with an Anti-Ban feature which helps you to keep your WhatsApp account safe and secure. If you have tried any WhatsApp mods, then you must be aware of the account getting banned.

Now, I am not the developer of this app, so I can’t claim whether this feature works or not. So, I will suggest you not use your primary phone number. Instead, you can create a temporary number using this guide.

Settings and Customization

This WA+ Mod is packed with many themes, designs, customization, icons, and more. You can change the color of your WhatsApp bar, customize the conversation screen, and you can customize the chats screen. And not only that you get many themes, but you can also create your custom Themes.

Message Scheduler

This one is my favorite feature, as this feature helps you schedule messages. You can set time and frequency, and WA+ will do your job. It’s like a bot sending you messages.

More Amazing Features

Hide your Online Status: You can quickly hide your online status using WhatsApp+. There are many times when we don’t like others to see our online status.

Just like Facebook, you get the Active Status feature, the same feature you get on WhatsApp Plus. Once you enable this feature, no one will be able to see you online. That’s very intriguing.

Hide Blue Ticks: Whenever you send a message to anyone, then the receiver receives the message, and the sender can identify by a blue tick whether the receiver reads the message or not.

That’s the universal feature, right? But how about hiding that blue ticks? That will be fantastic, right? So, in this mod, you get an option to Hide Blue Ticks on WhatsApp.

Auto-Reply: This feature is already available in the official WhatsApp app, but it’s only for WhatsApp business users. A normal WhatsApp user cannot use this feature.

But WhatsApp+ has this feature for you. You can easily set an Auto-Reply, and the app will do its job just like a bot. Whenever someone replies to you, the WhatsApp bot will automatically send a reply to that person.

Writing Status Tweaks: You have seen many times when you and your friend are online, so whenever you type anything, your friend can see that you are typing something. So, if you would rather not show your writing status to others, then this feature is beneficial for you.

Recording Status: With the help of this app, you can also hide your recording status. Once you enable this option, then your friend will not be able to see your recording status.

Customization: This WhatsApp mod comes with a hell of a lot of customization. You can customize your chat screen, you can change your chat layout, and can change the color of your theme. You can also upload your theme and apply it. Overall, you can customize it as you wish.

Security: Security is essential while using any app. In our WhatsApp app, we have many things that we would not like to show to anyone else.

So, you are getting an inbuilt lock feature that locks your WhatsApp with a password. You might have used third-party apps to secure your WhatsApp app, but here you get inbuilt.

Sharing: As you have already seen in official WhatsApp, you can share up to 10 images at a time. But in WA+ you can share up to 50 images at a time.

You can even send longer-duration videos for up to 7 minutes. You can also send video size up to 50 MB and audio size up to 100 MB, which is, again, a beneficial feature.

Sticker Packs: You can download sticker packs and use them on your WA+ app. Sticker packs can be downloaded from the internet. Just search on Google, and you will find the sticker packs. Stickers make the conversation more interesting and engaging.

Cleaner: The features clear trash files, memes, and trash chats that are no longer needed. You can clean everything with a single click. This feature will help you to increase your phone storage.

Logs and History: WA+ has this remarkable feature that records your activity like when you are on the app, how many hours you spend, app opening time, and closing time. So, this feature is also helpful to track your app usage.

Wallpapers: You are getting plenty of beautiful wallpapers. You can add them to your chat screen and enjoy the experience.

Themes: This is one of the unique features of WA+. You can only see this feature on WA+ all other mods don’t have this feature. Basically, you can design your own theme as you like. Or you can download themes from the internet and apply them. The choice is yours.


WhatsApp Plus Infographics

How to Download & Install WhatsApp Plus APK

You can install WhatsApp+ like you do to install regular APK files. However, if you are not aware of how to install APK files, then you can follow the below steps.

  • The first step is to download WhatsApp+ APK file from the above download link.
  • Once you have downloaded the APK, now tap “Install”.
Whatsapp Plus Screenshots
  • If you get a popup saying to Enable Unknown sources then go to SettingsSecurity“Unknown Sources” to enable it.
  • Let the installation process complete. After that, open the app.
Whatsapp Plus Screenshots
  • That’s it. You have successfully installed APK on your android device.

Difference Between WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp?

There are vast differences if you compare both WhatsApp+ and WhatsApp. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • In the WhatsApp+ app, if you send a video or photo to someone, you can customize it. This maintains the quality of your videos and photos, but you do not get this feature in WhatsApp.
  • In WhatsApp Plus, you can change the theme, header, notification, and color, but in WhatsApp, you cannot do that.
  • Only files up to 16 MB can be shared via native WhatsApp. But this app enables file sharing up to 50 MB.
  • You get a lot of security features in WhatsApp+. You can hide many things in it, but WhatsApp does not have that much security.
  • We can not send more than ten photos on WhatsApp. But more than ten photos can be sent on WA+ APK.


I hope you really liked all the features of Whatsapp plus, and now you must be eager to install this great application on an android phone. But before installing, you must know the disadvantages of WA Plus.

Now WA+ APK account is not as secure as it used to be. How? Let me clear it up.

The official Whatsapp company does not develop Whatsapp+. Hence you might lose your account if you install and use this app.

Recently, WhatsApp announced that they are temporarily banning all the accounts. That is done by using any third-party WhatsApp app. GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp+ are two examples. These apps have been developed by a third party, so a company can never validate user security.

But you don’t need to worry. You can use this app as a secondary Whatsapp account. On an FAQ Page, the company provided all the steps to migrate from third-party apps to the official Whatsapp App without losing any data if you are temporarily banned.

Is it legal to use WhatsApp Plus?

This question comes into every user’s mind when they think of downloading WhatsApp Plus App. But you do not need to worry, and I will answer your questionnaire so that you will be able to decide whether to use this app or not.

As you already know that WA+ is a third-party application. The official WhatsApp app does not authorize third-party WhatsApp+.

It is obvious that the official owner will never let the user use a third-party app other than the original Whatsapp application. We can call Whatsapp Plus a grey app that is neither legal nor illegal.

WhatsApp is constantly warning its users that if someone violates its rules, they will be banned. Apart from this, the company has also said that if a person tampers with the code of the app or uses a third-party app like WhatsApp+ APK, then it will be banned.

Now the company has said to switch from this modified version of Whatsapp to the official app. Also, they have rolled out a notification to force users from not using Whatsapp Mod Apps.

But trust me, I have been using the latest WA+ for the last year and did not face any issues, but still, for security purposes, I would suggest you use it with your secondary number.

Is Whatsapp Plus Safe to Use?

Yes, it’s completely safe and does not contain any type of virus or malware. The APK file we have provided is taken from the original developer of WA+ so, don’t worry.

However, for your satisfaction, you can check out the VirusTotal verified report given below.


Can I use GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus app on the same device?

No, you have to first Uninstall GBWhatsapp then only you will be able to use WA+. But alternatively, you can download the Parallel Space App. This app helps you to run two things on the same phone. Using this app, you will also be able to use the Official Whatsapp App.

Is it Safe to use Whatsapp Plus on Android?

Yes, it’s entirely safe for use. For your assurance, you can check the APK file using virustotal.com.

What is Whatsapp+APK?

WA+ APK is the modded version of Official Whatsapp. It has many more features that have been added by developers. You will find many useful features that you will never see on the official version of the WhatsApp app.

How do I download the Latest Whatsapp Plus APK?

In the above section, I have shared with you the latest version of WA+ APK. You can download the APK and install it. I have also shared the steps to install the APK file if you don’t know to install it. To get the latest updates make sure to Bookmark this post.

Does WhatsApp+ App contain a Virus?

No, the app is completely free from malware/viruses. The has been scanned by Virustotal.com with zero malware. You can also test it by your side.

Can I use my Primary Phone Number?

The answer is both Yes and No. You can use your primary phone number as the app has an Anti-Ban feature. But this can be a risk. So, it highly suggests you not use it.

Will I get banned while using this mod?

It depends on WhatsApp if they catch you then they can ban your phone number from using Whatsapp.

Final Words

So, we have covered almost everything you need to know about WhatsApp+. In the upcoming articles, I will be sharing with you more WhatsApp Mods. Furthermore, We do not take ownership of any apps provided by this blog. All the APK files are taken from the internet and various sources.

I highly recommend you not use your primary phone number, as I already mentioned above. You can use the temporary phone number and enjoy using WhatsApp Plus APK. If you find that the download link is not working anymore, then you can leave a comment, and I will update the link as soon as possible.

We generally upload our files to Google Drive, but sometimes google does not like the file for obvious reason and their strict policies, so they remove it. I request you to leave a comment, and your problem will be solved. Moreover, please rate this article will help us to update this article.

Good Day! Good Bye! See you in the next article 🙂

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