Vieka: Music Video Editor&Edit

Vieka: Music Video Editor&Edit


NameVieka: Music Video Editor&Edit
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 48 MB
Version 2.8.2
UpdateJuly 16, 2024
Mod Features VIP Unlocked
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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Hi there, mate! I hope that you are doing well in your life! But if you are looking for the Vieka, then your search ends at this point. Here, you will receive complete information about this application and its astounding features.

Do you also want to grow your social media channel? Or just want to share impressive stories or reels? In every case, you need to search for a video editing tool that can provide all of those requirements.

You will find lots of exciting and advanced video-making tools. But usually, if you want to utilize them, you need to acquire the correct skill set to create a beautiful Instagram.

Though, if you are looking for simpler options and don’t desire to face much hassle, then going with this application is a great choice.

It will provide you with the necessary tools to create short format content that will bring in more numbers, while at the same time, you can do research and build content with your unique style.

Everything that is covered in the above section is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are tons of other things that can unfold next. So, let’s thoroughly understand the Vieka application in the following section without any further ado.


What is Vieka?

Vieka is a video maker application in which you can create a short music video while adding different songs and images. The audio-visual effects are pretty easy to use inside the app.

Besides this, they will provide a template video shop that allows you to pick the trendy filters, effects, and backgrounds to which you can easily add your photos to create your first TikTok or Reel.

Vieka MOD APK S1

The app has impressive features such as free music and cool backgrounds that further help you design the videos. On top of that, you are getting advanced video editing tools, which bring transition and aftereffects.

From this, creating videos becomes simple even if you are a newbie to the video editing field. Aside from this, the app has more than a 4.1 rating with 5M+ downloads.

Vieka MOD APK S2

Although the app is pretty underrated, it’s totally worth your time and money. Alongside this, you can also purchase the premium subscription of 2150 yearly.

With this, you will unlock every template, no watermarks, HD exports, and many more exciting things. However, if you don’t have any money resources, you can check out the Latest Vieka.

Vieka MOD APK S3

What is Vieka VIP?

The APK is the modded version that allows you to create impressive videos with unlimited access through premium assets.

In general, you have to purchase the VIP plan to unlock all of the core features of the Vieka. But that’s not the case with this mod apk. As you are getting everything free of cost.


You will attain astounding attributes that can make the video-making journey pretty straightforward. On top of that, you can sprinkle your creativity on the raw footage and create immersive projects.

Vieka MOD APK S5

Besides this, you can easily share that footage to your social media handles such as Instagram MOD, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Following this, you can also learn the video editing trick from this app, while you won’t be disturbed during editing as this mod apk provides an ad-free experience too. Now, let’s see the reason why you should download Vieka.

  • Easy-use video-making interface
  • No need to worry about advertisements
  • No watermarks present on the background
  • Unlimited access to all of the templates
  • HD resolution export quality

So, what are you waiting for? Download the new version and install it over your phone without any problem with the below link.

Vieka MOD APK S6


It is an exceptional video editing software that offers interesting and brilliant audio-visual elements. Below, let’s thoroughly understand the brief features in the following section.

No Advertisements

The best part of using the Vieka is that you don’t have to worry about the constant bothering of adverts or need to watch ads just to unlock a single template. But, you don’t require useless things as you can smoothly work on your video project and share it in no time.

Without Any Watermarks

Usually, when you are using the free version, you can’t do about the watermarks, but with the amazing features of this app, you don’t have to worry about those pre-installed signs. Remove or add it according to your video editing requirements.

Advanced Video Editing Tools

The app allows you to design videos from the scratch. You can create anything from the raw footage and several aspects such as text, music, immersive effect, transition, etc. Moreover, you can easily add, duplicate, delete, and trim the clip as your wish. With this, you can illustrate the content with advanced-level features.

Diverse Audio Library

Inside the app, you will receive a diverse music effect library from which you can design the background music that fits your video clip.

Besides this, you can also extract sound from the media file. Moreover, the in-app library offers numerous options from which you choose the right music piece for the project.

Export at High Resolution

Once you have finished with the templates, you can easily extract the video at HD resolution quality. On top of that, removing watermarks would become simpler. Finally, share the final product on your social media accounts directly via this mod apk.


I hope that you have grasped everything regarding the Vieka MOD APK features from the above section. Once you have downloaded this mod apk, you can get VIP Unlocked access to the premium features without any further ado.

Moreover, it’s a simple solution for newbies who are looking for a simple method to create a short video. With this app, you are getting tons of templates that will help you make videos in a few minutes. Even if you are a newbie, you don’t need to acquire skills in the first place.

Therefore, install this app right away and attain all of the remarkable features free of cost. On the other hand, you can share your thoughts and feedback in the following comment section.

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