U Dictionary Translator

U Dictionary Translator

v6.6.7 by Talent Education Inc Verified

NameU Dictionary Translator
PublisherTalent Education Inc
Genre Education
Size 49MB
Version 6.6.7
UpdateJuly 16, 2024
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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From improving productivity to sharpening skills, Android apps are the backbone of your overall smartphone’s experience. Even when it comes to learning a new language, there are plenty of options available on the internet, but we suggest you to choose U-dictionary. This application will assist you to learn English with multiple new teaching methods which are easy and applicable on any learning level.

Learning any new language needs a dynamic approach, from grammatical tips, vocabulary, to correct pronunciation. Hence, on this platform you can have access to a plethora of interactive games, relatable articles, video explanations, and many smart learning techniques. Throwing the barrier of premium membership, we’re also introducing you with the free modified version of the app.

This top-notch virtual dictionary app will toss you to the ocean of massive word collection, tons of synonyms, explanations, word etymology, and all the required learning resources. Lastly, you can improve your confidence after learning how to speak or pronounce any word correctly through the pronunciation builder section of the app.

U-Dictionary MOD APK

What’s U Dictionary MOD APK for?

A good speaker emits the quality of a good leader and manager because he speaks their mind out in the most convincing order. This platform helps you to increase your vocabulary with the most practical way of learning. There are various lessons related to showing the correct way of pronunciation and usage of all the words you crave to learn.

It’s not merely a dictionary app, rather it’s a versatile app that allows you to translate sentences, and check grammatical errors in your sentences simultaneously. Additionally, you can also make sure not to have any writing and speaking mistakes by proofreading your content simplistically on this platform.

Apart from English, you can also translate the words you’re unaware of in multiple other languages such as Dutch, UK English, Spanish, and Hebrew. Moreover, users don’t have to make any in-app purchases, since the mod app provides all the premium perks for free. Grasp and experience new ways of learning and make yourself a potential leader in any field.

Amazing Features

If you’re a linguistic enthusiast, then this platform is a boon for you to have a great collection of vocab and explore more about different languages. Let’s have a deep insight into the detailed features of this modified application:

Oxford Dictionary

The most common thing about language learning is translation, or in simple words, we need to know the correct meaning of each word we listen to. This modified application provides an in-build dictionary, where we can search the meaning of any word instantly in more than 12 languages. Furthermore, the attached information and explanation of any word inculcates the meaning in our mind for eternity.

Translation in multiple languages

People from every corner of the world are using this app; that’s why it provides a facility to translate any word or sentence into 100+ languages. You can just copy or write the content you want to get translated, and choose the target language to get the desired result within a moment. Additionally, the camera translation feature is also outstanding, where you just have to scan any doubtful alphabets to get them translated into your native language.

Offline Facilities

It assures users to have all time access to this platform, even when they aren’t connected to the internet. Simultaneously, no compromise has been done within the offline interface, as the usage is the same as it was in the online platform. The UI easily adapts the offline mode and provides facilities like in-depth translation, additional synonyms/antonyms, etc. when it doesn’t find an available internet connection.

Voice Translation

Translating the written words or sentences is easy while writing, but the precise thing is hard during conversation to understand any language for having different accents. Fortunately, this platform allows you to translate any voice into your own native language to carry on the conversation naively. This way, it helps you to unleash the complexity of different languages.

Word Games

The traditional way of learning has been boring and outdated. Keeping that in mind, U-Dictionary embraces the new learning method while playing fun games. There are plenty of spelling puzzles, spot the error, and odd one out kind of games that you can play and learn simultaneously. These games are interesting and help you to grasp plenty of words instantly while playing.

Ad-Free Interface

You might have seen a lot of advertisements popping up in the midst of your learning while using the official app. The commercialization has corrupted even the educational apps like U dictionary. Thankfully, the Pro Unlocked version eliminates all the advertisements, so that you can be more productive and determined towards learning.


After knowing about the plethora of privileges of this Dictionary app, let’s now acknowledge a few of its drawbacks:

Syncing Issues

If you already have been using the U Dictionary official app on your phone for a long time, then the modified version won’t sync your saved searches or words back after switching. In case if you got plenty of your data stored officially, then it won’t be a good option to switch.

Compatibility Issues

Most often, it has been observed that new devices face compatibility issues while using the modified version of the U-Dictionary app. For having numerous scripts installed within its official codes, it may not work effectively or perhaps not get installed on your smartphone.


U Dictionary Translator is a widely acceptable language learning app having a simplistic user interface. Additionally, this app is the cherry on the cake for all the tourists, since it helps to scan and translate words/sentences into their native language. The modified version provides an extensive amount of features for translation, definitions, and explanation of each word for eternal ease.

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