Twitter ReVanced

Twitter ReVanced

v10.49.0-release.0 by Twitter, Inc. Verified

NameTwitter ReVanced
PublisherTwitter, Inc.
Genre Social
Size 120 MB
Version 10.49.0-release.0
UpdateJuly 16, 2024
Mod Features No Ads
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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Among the best social media platforms working with the Android and iOS applications, Twitter is one in the trend these days.

Nowadays, it’s being known as the X Corporation product, and also the iOS App Store has added the “X” as an app package name with a black app icon.

It’s a new generation of Twitter and there are many more upgrades we’re about to see next. Before that, let’s get through a more exceptional Twitter journey with Twitter ReVanced.

Among all the extraordinary apps which can be accessed by the ReVanced Manager app to be patched with the fantastic features, Twitter is also the most renowned one.

Until the current moment, they have added new patches five times and the latest version is the fifth successor of the last few versions, with more bugs cleared and further features enabled.

Mostly, it’s known for downloading those short videos, but Dark Mode is also one important option among.

Using the Twitter ReVanced app with the official Twitter account will not even keep your account in any danger, as it’s using the same package name and app servers.

It’s not offering you the more non-genuine features to get in the eye of Elon Musk’s corporations, so until that, the developers are clearly adding new patches in every latest version.

Currently, we have got this Twitter ReVanced v10.49.0-release.0 release for all our users desiring some remarkable features.

Twitter ReVanced APK

What’s Twitter ReVanced for?

Twitter is the most instantaneous and better way of scrolling the feeds uploaded by tremendously bigger names and even our friend communities.

There are many bigger famers who are updating their Twitter accounts daily with essential tweets or messages, like Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Andrew Tate, Narendra Modi, and some organizations like NASA. You can learn a lot about what’s going on in this whole world through the Twitter platform.

Twitter ReVanced

We know that there are more other applications, but beating Twitter is actually so hard as there are many bigger hands beside it.

Furthermore, when you want to mix some add-on patches to make the 𝕏’s app interface free from interruptions, and a featured place to feed, it’s better to take help of Twitter ReVanced.

This one here is a modified or patched version, which includes many premium privileges, ought to make you move like a pro.

Reading all your favorite feeds would be more interesting once you’ll download and install this patched version on your smartphone.

There are various features for what it’s known as an astonishing modification, but majorly it allows you to download those short videos.

Yeah, we know that a few things are important to remember before using a modded version, but the anti-ban scripts of this app makes your account safe while surfing with the add-on features.


Using Twitter daily and taking a few minutes out momentarily for it is significant, as this app makes you super connected with what’s going on all over the world.

Almost all the users are feeding every moment about what’s happening in their life and how we can productize ours on the same platform. Using it with the below features will let you be convenient as well.

Dark UI

Twitter ReVanced APK S1

The Dark mode of Twitter has two amazing options, one is Gray and the other is matte Black. However, among these two, we don’t get the Material UI’s designed Dark UI, which is only available on the Twitter ReVanced.

That kind of dark interface can keep your eyes safe from the brighter light. Its AMOLED kind of interface works as the night mode is already switched on, so turning on that mode will make your eyes safer when browsing at night.

Download Videos

Twitter ReVanced APK S3

Twitter got some video portions too after the era of short videos. There are many creators who’re sharing their content these days in the form of videos, but there are not any tools where you can just add the Twitter links and download those videos to storage.

Who even needs such a tool when the Video downloader add-on can be linked directly to your Twitter app. We’re talking about the ReVanced version, and it’ll provide you with a Download` button near every video.

Enormous Profiles

Twitter ReVanced APK S2

All the Twitter profiles that you see on the official app are similarly listed and available on the ReVanced version. You can find your favorites after seeing the Followings of the ones you follow.

There are different sides of twitter and once you join the side that you believe in, the app’s algorithms would automatically start recommending you the same tweets and creators related to your favorite communities. Like the way I connected with Cold Email Wizard for loving Email Marketing.

Follow Communities

Twitter ReVanced APK S4

After Twitter got into the brilliant hands of Elon Musk, it’s getting a new turn towards filling the more options to the Communities.

Once, it was a little difficult to find the favorite communities and connect with the creators that we like, but nowadays, we can find them directly through the Search bar.

The communities will also contain multiple creators, so you won’t be required to find them on the different pages by searching.

Trending Tweets

Twitter ReVanced APK S5

If you want to know what changes the global economy made the last day or the current day, just go through the trending section and you’ll see those hashtags.

Even Instagram got this hashtag from Twitter, as it’s easier to keep your post tagged with the place that people will mostly find on.

Moreover, there is a separate tab, where you can explore as per the Tweet genre, and read all the trending topics as per your country in all the fields.


Understanding the best features of an app like Twitter ReVanced are important, but having the knowledge about a few limitations is also important.

In such a case, we are listing below one and only drawback we have seen in the Android app, and the developers are trying to fix this.

with Google

Twitter ReVanced app cannot use the sign-in with Google feature, until you don’t have the ReVanced MicroG app installed on your phone, and you have logged in through the MicroG services.

This isn’t a disadvantage, but it somehow adds one more step in the procedure of going ahead with logging in to Twitter ReVanced and starting enjoying all those further features.

Download latest version of Twitter ReVanced app for Android

Whatever content your brain wants, whether it’s Breaking News, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, or short videos, everything can be found on X (formerly known as Twitter).

It contains all kinds of content, the simple short content to get instant dopamine as well as the communities to join and feed daily for getting more followers, all scrolling at no ads.

However, the additional features of Twitter ReVanced APK would be a bigger help as you can use them for using the older version features; Switch to latest posts.

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