Truecaller: Caller ID & Block

Truecaller: Caller ID & Block

v14.13.6 by Truecaller Verified

NameTruecaller: Caller ID & Block
Genre Communication
Size 85 MB
Version 14.13.6
UpdateJuly 13, 2024
Mod Features Gold/ Premium
Compatibility 5.1 and up
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Truecaller is a must-have for your phone, and it’s the best app for security! Protect yourself from fraud calls and spam calls, as well as block spam by blocking numbers.

Take your Truecaller experience to an ultra edge with the free premium features available in Truecaller Gold provided above.

Being safe while using Android Smartphones is quite hard these days, as we really don’t know how much global traffic is using this kind of device currently and who can spam us at which time.

Well, it was complicated to know these things at the time, but these days, our hands are engraved with a world-class technology developed for enhancing calling privacy named Truecaller Premium.

While living in the most fabulous country in the world, India, it’s impossible if anyone says that he never heard about Truecaller before, as currently, millions of Android users are employing Truecaller.

And when we talk particularly about India, more than 75% of Truecaller users are in India, and it’s just that this app isn’t developed in India, and otherwise, it’s completely Indian.

You can carry the complete detail of each caller calling you before picking up spam calls by having Truecaller installed on your device.

Nevertheless, some features are still blocked for the Truecaller free plan users, such as the capability of knowing who watched your profile, the classy premium badge, spam blocking, ghost calls, and many more.

So if you’re a Free plan user and want to enjoy the premium benefits for free, it’s time to get amazed with Truecaller.

Truecaller Premium APK

What is Trucaller?

When we take a look back at how the global traffic communicated with their friends and families using the top-notch service called Truecaller, we’d see some eye-catching results there.

Amazingly, Truecaller blocked and identified over 37.8 billion spam calls, and 182 billion spam messages, and people identified 184.5 billion calls on Truecaller last year in 2021.

Moreover, there are millions of companies who started using Truecaller identification services to graze their brand feel.

Even if we take calling statistics sideways, there is no other app apart from Truecaller that offers the same calling and caller identification features and is rated 4+ stars ratings by millions of callers.

Moreover, it’s one of the lightweight caller applications that people are using these days for making the most of their calling, messaging, and instant messaging tasks.

Truecaller offers you hundreds of exceptional features apart from the simple calling and caller identification service, such as auto-call recording, ghost calling, caller address city, and email address.

Additionally, you can also know the status of the caller before calling him, if he’s busy on another call, switched off his phone, or is available to take calls.

It’d make your calling handier and more amusing with the Truecaller; try the below magical version whenever you’re able!

What is Truecaller Gold?

Between all the above-mentioned privileges and worthy stats, we merely forgot to tell you about some limitations of the Truecaller free plan.

Basically, the app includes three different subscription plans, starting from the free plan with no charges, the premium plan with some charges, and the gold plan, the costliest one.

In simple words, if you’re a privilege seeker and want to enjoy everything without ads, you need premium at first instance.

Keeping all of those things in mind and thinking broadly, we’ve developed the modified version of the Truecaller app by adding some futuristic scripts in there and named it Truecaller Premium.

Don’t go with its name, as this Premium version of the app includes all the Gold Plan features absolutely free for all those techies wandering on the internet.


You can download this app now and install it conveniently on your phone to enjoy all the features listed below with the gold card, and the costliest privileges that you ever thought of.

Let’s get on Mercedes without even paying for an Alto; below are all the features you’re going to enjoy with the Truecaller.

Gold Membership Unlocked

Firstly, the modified version of Truecaller delivers you the priciest plan ever developed by the Truecaller community, Gold Membership. This gold feature realistically costs 5000 INR annual charges on the official app.

Fortunately, you’ll get them all free with the Truecaller Gold. This modded app includes free Gold Caller ID, Gold support, and all the premium features enabled as shown below.

Ad-free Access

You won’t believe it, but most of the Truecaller users have abandoned this service because of the giant number of online advertisements shown by the official applications; no matter how beneficial the app is.

We’re here today to make you adopt Truecaller again but in the name of Truecaller Premium. The coolest modification here includes the 100% ad-free interface to amaze you with premium features at no interruption.

Cloud Backup

Data is something we can’t underestimate at any chance and on any platform. Each byte of our data is important, even if it’s our WhatsApp messages or the last call log we had from our clients or friends.

That way, Truecaller Gold provides you with the free Truecaller Cloud Backup service. This cloud backup would store all your significant calling data, like call logs, messages, and interfaces.

Advanced Spam Blocking

Have you gotten annoyed with those spam calls asking you for LIC Life Insurance, Credit Cards, or Home Loans, and want to eliminate them all from your daily call list? If that’s the matter, the modified version is here for your need!

The premium version of Truecaller advances your journey with Advanced Spam Blocking, where most of the SPAM calls would automatically get blocked from Truecaller servers before taking place.

Premium Badge

Being a professional and premium guy requires some existence sign to show royalty, and that’s what people love priorly inside the Truecaller Premium subscription plan. It offers a Premium badge to look royal and classy!

MOD Features

  • Location Maps, Google Drive Cloud works
  • All ads removed from the app
  • Server sided feature won’t work
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled
  • Removed unwanted Permissions
  • Gold Subscription Unlocked


As per our belief, privacy, and convenience are the most prestigious things in this world, and people stake almost everything to get them in their lives. Truecaller Premium APK 2024 is something you need to add to the list of your most crucial Android apps, as it delivers you free premium features with a royal Gold/ Unlocked Caller ID.

If you’re the one who wants their calling at the gigantic ease and technological reach, you need this premium modded version at the prior instance. Don’t make it wait for a single moment, and grab it right now from the download link below.

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