ToonArt: Cartoon Yourself

ToonArt: Cartoon Yourself

v2.0.2.3 by Lyrebird Studio Verified

NameToonArt: Cartoon Yourself
PublisherLyrebird Studio
Genre Photography
Size 33 MB
UpdateMay 28, 2024
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Compatibility 6.0 and up
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Have you ever wondered about creating an animated avatar before? If not, you should definitely need to try out the ToonArt to unlock astounding cartoon photos of yourself.

It’s a pretty solid app if you want to try out something different from your regular photos. It’s more like a cartoon face app, where you can effortlessly create your avatar and share it with the whole world in just a few moments.

There’s no denying that, with the fast-paced improvement in the artificial intelligence fields. As a result, a flood of quite interesting apps started to appear in the market, whether you talk about art generator apps or simple AI chatbots.

However, several new-age photo editor apps come to the surface and offer best-in-class features and functions.

One of them would be the ToonArt. It provides not only the standard photo editing tools, but, at the same time, it’s powered by the latest AI technology.

With this thing kept in mind, it’s become possible for users to modify their regular photos into their favorite cartoons. With that said, let’s explore information about this application from the subsequent part!


What does it do?

ToonArt is one of the astounding apps that can easily create a carton avatar using advanced artificial intelligence technology.

It provides various filters so that the users can choose the best according to their needs. Alongside this, you are getting tons of additional support with this photo editor tool.

Speaking of which, the app was developed by the Lyrebird Studio, and the app has gained a giant name in the photography category.

At the same time, it can produce results using mid-journey-level creativity. Having those things said, it’s become evident that you can also create your avatar with just a click.

ToonArt MOD

A huge credit should be given to the AI technology that offers various templates. Through those advanced templates, you can efficiently create cartoonify images.

Besides this, the editing process with anime filters is also possible through this app. Now that you are aware of this app, let’s know the requirements to download this app.


Though there are no such requirements to use this app since you are getting all the essential features free of cost. But at the same time, the users are limited to using the free version, while it depends on users-to-users for choosing the premium subscription.

But, it’s optional for many users, since they get the modified version to fulfill the empty void. Now that you have decided to download this APK, make sure you are using the above Android 6.0 OS smartphone.

Following this, ensure to provide necessary permission access for smooth usage.

Exciting Features

ToonArt is an exceptional app that provides trendy AI filters and effects, which will make your photos more appealing using their 3D cartoon filters.

Alongside this, there are various beauty enhancement features, that can be explored after downloading this app. So, here’s the list of perks that you can enjoy!

Cartoon Avatar Face App

First and foremost, this application can easily turn your pictures into artistic cartoons using one-click filters. In general, you might only receive single avatar creation options, but you can smoothly create an astonishing cartoon character of yourself and even set it as a profile picture.

Moreover, this application also brings out beatify anime art that you can use to animate new and fun characters.

Beautiful and Funny Effects

There’s no doubt that ToonArt comes with various artistic painting and animation options, from which you can give your average photos a cartoon-like appearance.

But when you are using this app, you don’t need to wear makeup since the app got beautifying filters, which will enhance the overall experience.

Apart from drawing painting, the users can transform their photos using various effects, while there are creative photo editing tools offered by the developers. But what makes this application more appealing would be the comic effect.

Anime Character Maker

The app doesn’t limit the user’s imagination, instead, it unleashes unlimited possibilities to design personalized characters.

There’s no denying that you will find more than 1000+ ToonArt apps. With them, you can create various art formats that can later be used as your profile pic.

Avatar Profile Pictures

There are tons of applications that generate AI art and offer impressive background images. But with ToonArt, you can easily generate your custom avatar using unique templates.

Choose any one template that looks appealing to you and generate the results. If you don’t like the first result, you can move to the next option.

On the other hand, the app offers a diverse library of avatar elements, which you can explore anytime. Moreover, it’s even possible to select a custom background so that you can enhance your overall profile pictures into something fancy and intriguing.

Pencil Sketch Effects

ToonArt APK is absolutely a hidden gem as it can actually make your photo into cartoon characters. In that exact way, you receive a sketch effect that you smoothly use over your phone and get artistic results.

Indeed, those pencil strokes look quite genuine, and it’s difficult to differentiate whether this effect is generated by AI or by a human.

Profound Photo Editor

Although, you might not get a plethora of features like most of the photo editor tools. But still, the Toonart comes with epic editing features from which you can easily create a custom profile picture without any hassle.

Moreover, there are several AI-powered cartoon filters, which you can utilize to produce your very first profile.

Final Verdict

There are endless perks that make the ToonArt photo editor tool a decent option if you want to procreate a cartoon selfie of yourself. Apart from clicking photos, you can also utilize your old photos and experiment with a wide range of pro unlocked filters so that your picture stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Many people also use this application for fancy profile pictures, while it also includes features sketch pencil effects, various background colors, and 100+ filter options. With them, you can easily curate astonishing profile pictures using cartoon filters.

Now that you are aware of this application’s cool features, don’t waste time here and download the ToonArt MOD APK to generate the perfect AI cartoon selfie.

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