TikTok ReVanced

TikTok ReVanced

v32.5.3 by Team ReVanced Verified

NameTikTok ReVanced
PublisherTeam ReVanced
Genre Social
Size 283 MB
Version 32.5.3
UpdateMay 29, 2024
Mod Features No Ads, Downloads, No Restrictions
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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Online video streaming wasn’t done efficiently by Google’s YouTube industries as they basically worked on long videos.

But people understand, love, and share shorter videos for eternity because they’re less time-consuming, easy to understand, and contain many more advantages one can’t get inside long videos.

Later, we got the TikTok ReVanced to enhance the overall short video creativity and take creators among the crowd.

TikTok is undoubtedly the most utilized and downloaded app in terms of online short video creation and streaming.

It now became by default that our hand gets inside the pocket, and we take out our smartphone at every moment for watching TikTok videos and get instantly entertained.

However, things got changed virally when TikTok got banned for Indian servers and many other countries.

TikTok ReVanced APK

But everything is about to get exceptionally same as we’re ought to provide you here with a magical version of TikTok to work in every region.

You won’t need anymore to get to different countries or use the VPN servers for creating and streaming TikTok as the TikTok ReVanced is ready to serve you with exact TikTok MOD utilization.

Get this easy app on your phone today and start creating TikToks with your friends.

What is TikTok app?

Gone are the days when we enjoyed each of our streams on the television as these days things got out at our fingertips.

Smartphones with TikTok are the best combination as you just need to Swipe-Swipe-Swipe and the worldly creators would get there in your front.

It’s legit to mention that TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed directly from its initialization and brand creation.

As per the global Statista, we can say that TikTok got downloaded over 600 million times worldwide and things would get more influential if it’d again get enabled for Indian users.

The Indian government officially banned tremendous Chinese apps including TikTok recently and that’s where the trouble aroused for all the Indian online streaming traffic including the creators who worked damn well to create legit traffic.

If you don’t know, TikTok is a short video streaming app with the strongest user base where creators reflect their skills to all the streamers.

Later, they get legit traffic and monetize their video creation skills for money. After India and a few other countries banned the TikTok servers, some modifiers or third-party developers created a sophisticated version to work in such regions, and that’s all we’d cover within this article.

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What is TikTok ReVanced?

Were you waiting for this? Sorry for making you so long to get it, but you’re here with the TikTok ReVanced app.

That’s the only modified version that we talked about recently with free access to all the country servers that banned it, including India.

Yeah, you can now use TikTok in India, create videos, post videos, share videos, and download videos simplistically.

This app version isn’t the official one and is not developed by the official TikTok company, but we can state that it won’t harm any of your data.

Conversely, it’d deliver you some exceptional features that you never used in the TikTok app like the video downloading feature, TikTok watermark remover, and the ad-free app interface.

In simple words, your complete TikTok video creation and streaming experience are about to get way upgraded with the modified app. This ReVanced is about to make you ReEnthusiastic about short video streaming and sharing.

Time to get your creative side out back to the world by employing all the below-listed features and convenient access to TikTok ReVanced!


Before downloading the ReVanced version of TikTok, let’s get sided towards the best features people can enjoy with this application.

Shine your next short video streaming experience with the amazing app embedded with the below features.

Employ from any region

India has the most advanced number of TikTok users as we all tried our best to find fun online, but TikTok gave us that superficially. But recently Indian government banned a few apps including TikTok.

Getting aside from our last sadness, we can now use TikTok in India using the TikTok ReVanced.

Except for India, there are so many regions that banned TikTok from the Google Play Store, so they can also enjoy the TikTok interface and the exact stuff with this MOD.

Download Videos

TikTok never offered you any downloading option neither from the service initialization nor in any updates, but from now on you’re supposed to download these short videos directly to your smartphone.

TikTok ReVanced is developed with a video downloading feature where you can download any creator video even without the TikTok watermark.

This feature would also help you if you wanna record and edit videos from TikTok and upload it on any other platform.

TikTok Seekbar

One of the only features we all are finding from a long term in TikTok, and all such short video platforms are the seek bar.

Like YouTube, where we can seek the video duration by sliding it from one space to a quarter, half, or full video.

Similarly, you can now seek your video’s position at any time interval and enjoy the main part of the video without wasting time.

All you need here is the TikTok ReVanced as it’s embedded with the free TikTok Seekbar ready to serve you!

No advertisements

Every three TikTok videos sliding would interrupt you with an online advertisement of 15 seconds and that’s the most annoying thing people see on TikTok’s interface.

Well, TikTok also needs monetization and advertisement is the only way to earn money. But still, we’re here to eliminate this short advertisement interruption from your life using the free ad-blocker in the TikTok ReVanced App. Grab it now!


The TikTok ReVanced APK gigantically started online short video streaming, and it’d also end with many more features.

We can’t let you away from this amazing technology and consequently, we offered you the free TikTok ReVanced app today which is linked with the Indian servers to work freely in India with some additional features. Get ready for the short-long fun!

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