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PublisherTikTok Pte. Ltd.
Genre Social
Size 279 MB
Version 35.5.5
UpdateJuly 9, 2024
Mod Features In-built Region Changer
Compatibility 4.4 and up
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Has your country-restricted TikTok? If you want it back on your phone without using VPN servers, download TikTok here for all zones.

This mod comes with No Advertisements, Countries’ restrictions removed, and Download video without a watermark. It is a social media app for posting short videos up to 15 seconds long.

Are you at an all-time low because of the ban on TikTok and 64 other Chinese apps in India? Being a Content Creator when your country has banned the most reputable short video Android app hurts the most.

There are so many people who created a legacy there, with thousands of creative transition videos. Don’t worry; you can get them all back and enjoy the modified version in your country.

The most epic trend of short videos was first brought recently, a few years ago, when TikTok launched for Android and iOS Smartphones.

Millions of Indian and global short video designers gained hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram only because of their TikTok accounts. It’s a Chinese short video app working globally with millions of users, but not in INDIA.

Now, if you’re living in India or any such global country, which created some restrictions on TikTok, you can use its modified version.

This version is the real TikTok but built with an internal VPN server that automatically connects you to the servers where TikTok works. And resultantly, you can have all your old videos back on your phone and enjoy TikTok again in your country!


What is TikTok?

A few years ago, when a guy got bored watching the most entertaining videos and movies for hours on YouTube, he created a platform renowned globally; TikTok. That guy was from ByteDance Ltd.

Chinese app developer brand, prosperously known these days for TikTok. Whether you’re living at any point on the earth, it’s impossible if you haven’t heard the word TikTok yet.

This app was brought here and influenced every single creative guy to create short videos and gain worldwide followers. Currently, the influence has gone wild, where you’ll get at least one TikToker or short video creator in every single family in India.

However, these days, TikTok got banned some Chinese apps in India, which made MX Takatak apps insightful.

But whichever new app you create, it’d be damn hard to beat TikTok. It’s because according to statistics, TikTok contains over 1.2 billion monthly active users, and the app got downloaded on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store over 3 billion times globally.

If you’re a short video lover too, and your country banned TikTok, we’ve got a surprise for you!

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What is TikTok Unlocked?

TikTok is the surprise that we talked about in the above section. It’s the prototype developed for all short video enthusiasts to download and use TikTok on their phones, even if it’s restricted by their country’s laws.

No one would get a single clue about it, and you’d have TikTok installed on your smartphone. Yeah, it’s that smooth.

Exceptionally, the app can be marked as the modified version of TikTok, and consequently, it includes some further features than that of the official TikTok app.

There are features like video downloading, TikTok Watermark removal, and an ad-free interface to create and download video from TikTok and post it on your country’s short video app.

Additionally, if you also have created so many short videos on TikTok at your prime, you can get them all back with this app. It works on the exact TikTok servers and includes all your data from the date it gets started.


Trends are what TikTok works on, more than your favorite short video application. It creates and brings tremendous new trends with its interface every single week, like once you got Beggin, Hangover, Runaway, and Ea Ea Ea! But you’ll love it way more after knowing about the below features:

No Restrictions

Are you living in a country that banned TikTok forever and want to use it any way to gain more followers on your social media? If that’s a problem you’re facing, you need a modified version.

The modified version here works on the sigma rule, where it’s hidden from the government, and you can install it on your phone to access TikTok in any country. It includes no restrictions at all!

No Advertisements

Online ads are unbearable, even if you’re watching a YouTube video, Instagram Shorts, YouTube Shorts, or barer while swiping up TikTok.

But after having access to the latest TikTok, you won’t get more space to get worried about online advertisements. You can enjoy all your favorite TikTok videos with Popcorn and no interruptions.

Short Video Tools

No one can create better transition videos than a TikToker or a TikTok video creator. Yeah, that’s something real, as TikTok contains the most engaging short video tools ever.

If you missed these tools and want to get them back without leaving your country, you can try this application without any further ado. It includes the exact video editor, where you can create and download videos with zero worries.

No Watermark

The biggest fear everyone glimpses when posting their designed video is Watermarks. These days, every video editor app contains sticky watermarks, including official TikTok.

But things have become a little tricky here inside the modified version. Happily, the app includes a No Watermark feature. In other words, you can create, design, and download any video from TikTok without that watermark of TikTok username and logo anymore. Enjoy!

Offline Download

Lastly, we have got something for you that you have all been waiting for; the Offline Download feature. We know how struggling you captured those epic videos that vanished in moments.

But let me tell you that none of your videos have vanished yet. You can still download all those videos and post them to any working short video app in your country using the modified version. Download them all ASAP!

MOD Features

  • Country restrictions removed
  • No Watermark
  • Completely Ads-free
  • Progress bar added
  • AOSP compatible/no google
  • Debug info. Removed
  • Phone number login supports
  • Download location TikTok/video
  • CPU supports (Armeabi-v7a & Arm64-v8a)
  • Download option added to all videos


I still remember that day when we got a notice of the ban on our beloved short video-sharing app and many other Chinese Android apps. That day was really uncomfortable, and many guys posted sad statuses on their social media platforms about this bad news.

Hell, that time! You won’t need to be worried anymore as we’ve developed the modified version of TikTok, known as TikTok MOD APK. Now use it even in the blocked regions with its free region unblock mod.

It’s an app with the exact same interface as the stock app and servers and additionally, you’re also getting some scripted features such as No Watermark and Offline Download. Time to enjoy the good old days again with this modded version.

Note: Please carefully read the mod info on the download page.

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