TeraBox: Cloud Storage Space

TeraBox: Cloud Storage Space

v3.31.1 by Flextech Inc. Verified

NameTeraBox: Cloud Storage Space
PublisherFlextech Inc.
Genre Utilities
Size 115 MB
Version 3.31.1
UpdateJuly 12, 2024
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Compatibility 5.1 and up
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Devices are becoming more smart and loaded with features, where even the camera features and high-quality media files make it harder for everyone to find the safe and trusted storage. Even though the files are so big and vast, it becomes difficult for the devices to store them completely.

That’s when Terabox came into existence. It’s one of the most famous and ultimate secure apps that offers premium cloud storage space to its users with numerous exciting features and extraordinary functions. These tools allow you to enjoy top-notch security and safety of features, which makes them even more attractive and good for the usage.

With several premium options, TeraBox offers close to 1000 GB of storage and external storage can be added for a premium. You can download all famous videos and media from popular apps and use them for your comfort in the app.

Terabox Mod

It’s an incredible media download that lets users secure data and store important files with top-notch security features. Making it far easier and accessible for users to enjoy.

Now you can enjoy your work without any bothering at all. Download the app and safely secure your field and media with ultimate security features and also share with others if needed.

What does it do?

TeraBox is a premium platform that acts as a cloud storage which can save GB’s of data and fields for usage. Making them safe and secure in your backup, easy recovery of files, sharing of data with others, working together on files and enjoying world-class interaction with others via files and media.

The app has increased features that make it more attractive in terms of a cloud storage platform where you can safely store your files with security and also, with permission, share them with others. Many people can work on their tights and let’s enjoy the finest of productivity at the next level.


With easy synchronization to your device, the app stores your data and files with ease. Allowing you to enjoy the first-rate convenience of safety and security at the next level. Store and download media files, up to 1024 GB of large file transfer and sharing of data.

High-speed download from random platforms and storage with safety. Enjoy more space and more storage with high-speed and quick interaction with files, password protection files and data, easy to use interface and controls.

Ultra HD quality and backup, HD Playback with premium inbuilt video player and random controls. The astonishing interface of the app allows you to manage and control the screen wisely and easily.


TeraBox comes with exciting features and tools that help you to enjoy the top-notch security and convenience of files and data with large storage space. There are numerous benefits for the users and some of them are listed below for your usage. Stay connected to read about them!

Top tier security and safety

TeraBox MOD S1

There are a number of premium features and tools that make it easy for you to enjoy the finest class of security and safety with your files and media. Now you never need to worry about your files and safety because they will be stored there for a time when you never need to think of them again.

Large storage space for media and files

TeraBox MOD S2

The app offers close to 1000 GB of storage space for your media files and documents to get storage and enjoy backup and recovery of them with ease. The app has some wonderful features to adjust and enjoy the safety as well as top-tier safety of the files. You can also buy external and more space for your usage.

Easy backup and recovery

TeraBox MOD S3

The app gets easily synced with your device and backup your data with easy recovery options for you. You will get to enjoy the easy and accessible options to modify and adjust the methods of usage. This ensures that your data and recovery becomes easy, and you don’t bother with anything else.

Synchronization with devices

TeraBox MOD S4

Terabox gets integrated to your device and allows your whole data to work with it. You will have easy backup and safety for your files, loaded with top-notch features and world-class tools. With easy syncing of your data, you can be free to enjoy hassle-free interaction and freedom without any worry of losing your files.

Share and work with others

TeraBox MOD S5

TeraBox brings to you the comfort and convenience of the top level. A place where you can work collaboratively on files, edit and save, view and adjust to your choice. You can also share with others via many outlets and platforms. Share files of media and documents to let others enjoy with the same link.

Inbuilt video player with awesome variable

TeraBox MOD S6

There is an integrated and inbuilt video player which is remarkable in its features and custom tools that allow you to modify and adjust your watching experience as you may like. With its classy features and tools at play, enjoy the best of the services of this app where you can download videos and enjoy dealing with large media files, share media files and watch anything you like with awesome options.

HD files and media downloader

TeraBox MOD S7

It acts as a media downloader where you can easily download your favorite reels, videos, and files for free. The app brings ease to let you download and save your media with its access for free without any further interference. It’s so easy and good that you will definitely love the app for its downloads and features because of its ultra HD content and premium custom features.

Enjoy its premium for free

TeraBox MOD S8

Users who wish to get this wonderful cloud storage app for free would be able to download it from our website. Here you can easily get access to all its premium features and benefits that allows you to enjoy access to a wide range of features and awesome storage space with top grade security.


This brilliant app is known widely for its awesome servings as a cloud storage app. Which offers a large space for storage and backup of files and media, so you freely enjoy your life without worrying about safety and security.

This app has incredible high-grade security protection that ensures premium unlocked interface with the media and data. Download TeraBox Mod APK and slow yourself in the world-class storage with ultimate security and easy interaction. Get it now for free.

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