Simple Radio: Live AM FM Radio

Simple Radio: Live AM FM Radio

v5.9.0 by Streema, Inc. Verified

NameSimple Radio: Live AM FM Radio
PublisherStreema, Inc.
Genre Entertainment
Size 21 MB
Version 5.9.0
UpdateMay 29, 2024
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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A long time ago, when everything was way too expensive, and that was the term when even music listening became premium for users, Radio frequencies assisted us in sophisticated.

Radio was a protocol to send messages, signals, and talk in a capable area square, but it got upgraded to a music box, using the frequencies and online music servers.

It’s hard to get big sound boxes on the internet, still, you can employ that with Simple Radio.

People believe that Android technology consists of everything available in the physical and virtual worlds, and people love developing it accordingly.

Android Smartphone contains those amazing applications, capable of doing things for you more sophisticatedly than real gadgets.

Likewise, we’ve got here the Simple Radio android app, which is exceptionally talented to provide you with live radio signals from 20+ countries.

This app is way more interesting than the official radio boxes, as you further get lightweight radio listening, which is directly at your fingertips, and you don’t need to pay a single penny for that.

If there are no payments, then how would Simple Radio monetize all its hard work? That’s where they grew a demerit called online advertisements amid radio signals. Well, we’ve got a resolution for that problem too, “the modification”!

Simple Radio MOD APK

What is Simple Radio APK?

Choosing among the online radio services, Simple Radio is the father of the league, as it includes the largest number of online radio servers from almost all your favorite provider countries, like India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

Some of us here love Hindi songs, whereas most are English lovers and rarely we’ve got some Spanish music lovers too. Simple Radio APK is a single interface for all of them.

You can switch among thousands of free radio channels at any instance with just a single click, and nothing else.

Moreover, Simple Radio also has got the best statistics on Google Play Store. You’d see there are more than 50 million Android downloads with over 4.6-star user ratings, marking that success as a legit thing.

They’ve appointed millions of music listeners elegantly, and that’s the only reason behind the such great online success.

Every single music guy who once gets across this platform never uninstalls it from their smartphone even after listening to more than 1000 radio channels.

The only point where it’d disappoint you a little bit would be the premium subscription plan, and hopefully, that won’t be long after using the free modification listed below.

What is Simple Radio Premium?

Taking relax and neglect that online interrupting advertisement to take the most amusing old radio vibes. Well, that’s only possible in a single way, i.e., using the premium subscription plan, which costs barely 2000 INR annually.

But how would it sound when you can fake it until you make it? We’d use here this new Simple Radio, which is the free modified version of Simple Radio, including an already enabled premium membership.

Simple Radio MOD

Simply, you can bypass the subscription using this modified app’s scripts and can use thousands of premium radio channels with HD sound quality and an ad-free interface.

Everything would feel way too pleasurable within the modified app’s interface, and you’d literally love using it online. Just get switched to the modification and start listening to the premium freely.


Entertainment can’t feel like a blessed part of life until it’s created simplistically. It worked damn hard on that and finally became capable of delivering you all its premium features and the best radio channels for absolutely free.

Well, there are many additional features marked within the interface too, let’s have a look there.

Ad-free Interface

There are so many blunders that people count on to stop using the official version of Simple Radio, but the cruelest of all is the online advertisements.

Providentially, you’re getting ultimately rid of the online ads within this modified version. Yeah, there isn’t a single ad provider attached to the modified app version, and this feature comes absolutely free.

Sleep Timer

Sleep Timer is again an amusing privilege that isn’t available on any online radio service except Simple Radio’s UI. But again, that’s also an online app feature that you can’t enjoy for free.

For all those listeners who got annoyed by enabling Simple Radio even after they get asleep, Simple Radio is built with a freely accessible sleep timer. Fix its needles to minutes or hours, and start stopping that automatically.

All Channels Unlocked

You aren’t unaware anymore of the number of channels you’re getting with the Simple Radio app’s list. But most of them would work as barely accessible, or accessible with advertisements.

These are the premium radio channels of the app’s interface, blocked for the free users, and apparently accessible for all the listeners having already installed it.

Favorite List Creator

The next perfectionism of this app is the Favorite List creator. Being an Indian or any country guy makes you capable of keeping your regional radio channels’ names in mind.

But the real complex thing is to keep the names of global radio channels and frequencies in mind. You don’t need to get stressed about that anymore, as the Simple Radio provides you with a free option to choose channels as Favorites and save them frequently.

Instant Share Button

Slightly from childhood, we’re always advised that “Sharing is Caring.” Whenever our friends helped us out of the most significant traumas, we sought to pay back them with a piece of entertainment.

It won’t feel hard anymore, as this APK provides you with an Instant Share button that you can press anytime and share the link of your favorite video channel with them. Don’t just enjoy, but also help others enjoy!

Final Words

Mornings are the spiritual times, Afternoons are the official ones, and Evenings are the most enjoyable ones, which means that you need different music genres every moment to enjoy all your moments equally.

If you’re worrying to find all the different genres of music on different YouTube channels, try the amazing Radio channels listed on the free premium side of Simple Radio MOD APK.

Most of them have created an ecosystem to make you taste different music at different times. So stop thinking, and start listening to the globe’s online frequencies!

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