Reddit ReVanced

Reddit ReVanced

v2024.11.0 by reddit Inc. Verified

NameReddit ReVanced
Publisherreddit Inc.
Genre Social
Size 263 MB
Version 2024.11.0
UpdateMay 29, 2024
Mod Features No Ads, Premium Icons
Compatibility 7.0 and up
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These days, everything looks like a conspiracy theory, as we have different people talking about different things. We really don’t know whom to believe and whom not to believe, and just jump from one page of the internet to another, finding answers to our questions. Why use different contexts or forums when we can find all our answers in a single platform, Reddit ReVanced app, a new version for redditing.

Reddit is used by billions of users all over the world for getting their questions answered, as it’s a library of the largest forums, even larger than Quora or Twitter. It’s a kind of platform which is you once initialized, you cannot stop using it for the next few hours as the content on there is literally inevitable. There are forums for all your queries and every debate you have in your mind, so all you need is to give it a try by simply making a search about your topic.

The current version of what we’re talking about right now is an obsessed one, including the most amazing features altogether within the tremendous communities and premium icons. Reddit doesn’t have any premium features except for those icons and the interrupting advertisements, so we patched this version for you with all such benefits. If you want to patch it yourself, you can also use the ReVanced Manager app, which allows you to patch any app so simply.

Reddit ReVanced APK

What’s Reddit ReVanced for?

There are multiple apps which can get patched so easily with the ReVanced Manager, and they can get attached to all the beautiful features after being patched with the precise platform. Once you have used the Reddit app for your daily forum scrolling, the ReVanced version would make your journey even better with some further options. It will not contain any rare content which is not there on the official Reddit app, but add some premium icons to make your post creative.

Reddit ReVanced

All the things we post on this platform daily would get a new turn once we start using some premium stickers, and also the app’s exterior would be changed through the ReVanced app. Moreover, it’s not the most considerable change, so you don’t even have to get concerned while using any of this app’s features. What you’re getting are just a few features which will still impact your daily redditing as it also contains the ad-ban scripts.

There are many more features, but it’d be cool to have them all acknowledged once you’re onboard. The feeling of surprise is so authentic, and that’s why we believe mostly in that. Still, we have listed a few features down below to let you know about all of them point by point. Make it simple, don’t get hurried, and lastly install the Reddit ReVanced app with multiple privileges included in its interface.

Features of Reddit ReVanced

We were thinking of keeping all the features as a surprise for you, but still, some features sound important to be known before you install this app for having an upper overview. Among all the patches we saw before patching the app, some indispensable ones were what we’re listing below with their complete introductory details. Let’s get ahead and know all the critical things about it.

Tremendous Communities

Reddit ReVanced APK S1

Some people say that Reddit has the biggest communities on the internet, even if you will make it compete with any other platform. Even the biggest move of that game designer company GameStop only came through one Reddit community known as the Wall Street Boys. There are many other communities which you can follow to get acknowledged about most of the significant things related to your work and what you really love.

Premium Icons

Reddit ReVanced APK S

This one is a ReVanced feature which comes only through the patched version, and it’ll make a bigger impact on those who’ll launch the app. Well, there are more than 20 premium app icons available for this platform, so that after installation and adding icons, you can see the premium kind of icons while using the exact Reddit application. That’s the gift of ReVanced.

No Advertisements

Reddit ReVanced APK S2

All the social media platforms, even after including the forums, they all contain the online advertisements, and you cannot skip the ones you get on Reddit. This platform got some banner sponsored ads and also sometimes shows the big poster ads which interrupt many Reddit readers. If you’re also there as a dedicated reader, you shouldn’t get interrupted by the online advertisements, and that’s why you should start using this ad-free version of Reddit.

ReVanced Settings tab

Reddit ReVanced APK S3

Having a based control panel for all the newer features and patched functions is a requirement as besides the app looks as the official with no changes at all. If you want to see the changes, and keep the things managed in a subtle way to enable and disable the modified settings anytime, ReVanced should be chosen. This patched app provides you with an additional ReVanced Settings tab. Inside this tab, you’ll find all the patched features listed with toggles.

Anonymous Profile

Reddit ReVanced APK S4

Profiling is the first part of creating a Reddit account, and the best part is that you can be private here by hiding your Email address and deciding any name you want. You can be the king of forums without anyone actually knowing that you’re managing those things from the same place. That’s the power of anonymity, and it works at hyper level when you use the Reddit forum app, except for the other available options.


Reddit ReVanced APK S5

Reddit is one of the higher security online applications, but there are multiple platforms which provide you with an additional hand for Reddit, such as Focus for Reddit and Joey for Reddit. Similarly, the Reddit ReVanced also contains the anti-ban interface, so that even if you’re logging into your account on this platform, you won’t need to be scared of the account ban issues. Just enjoy redditing without having any problematic concerns in mind.


Reddit ReVanced app can also have a few limitations, except for all the features we talked about above. Well, there are not many of them, but as per the guidelines, we should talk with you about some demerits too within those features. Below is just a single thing you need to be reminded about before installing this ReVanced version.

Non-Official App

Reddit’s protocol has guided in many articles that all the modified and patched versions are not being operated by them, and as you’re in the requirement of these privileges, you’d be the responsible if anything happens next. However, the whole world is using these tactics, so I don’t think it’s a point to be concerned about. Still, your security would be in your hands.

Download latest version of Reddit ReVanced app for Android

You can finally download the Reddit ReVanced APK file for your Android smartphone using the below web link. This is the latest patch created with the ReVanced Manager, and you can also do patching by downloading this patcher app for enjoying Reddit with no ads.

Otherwise, Reddit’s new version would make your forum reading and query resolving thing easier with some remarkable features and no ads. Go through all your favorite communities and talk about it…!

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