PLAYit - All in One Video Player

PLAYit - All in One Video Player

v2.7.22.17 by PLAYIT TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Verified

NamePLAYit - All in One Video Player
Genre Entertainment
Size 30 MB
UpdateJuly 11, 2024
Mod Features VIP Unlocked
Compatibility 4.2 and up
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We used to play games 24/7 and stress our minds, and now, everything seems beautiful because of video players like PLAYit.

Rolling on with the online and offline videos for whole days is what we do these seasons. After fighting the pandemic and doing work from home, we advanced this most amazing entertainment protocol called online and offline video streaming on Android Smartphones.

While talking about the highly compatible and futuristic video player for smartphones, the first few choices we always have are MX Player and VLC Media Player, as they’re the eldest ones.

But have you ever been amazed at the real gift delivered by the technology with the name PLAYit? It’s the most fabulous video player app, which delivers you a quality-rich interface with many privileges.

Being a little bit similar to MX Player, PLAYit offers you compatibility to enjoy both, online and offline videos. Moreover, it also includes some amazing specialties, such as torrent downloading, file transferring, privacy-enhancing, and social media video downloading.

Well, these are just the initial benefits of PLAYit, and you’re about to glimpse a knoll of them later!


What is PLAYit App?

For all our enthusiastic video streamers, we’ve got today the rarest video player app built with the amusing privileges, PLAYit! Including the name PLAYit, the app also contains massive convenience inside there with multiple elements, such as All in One video format playing, file transferring, and online video downloading.

Furthermore, it’s also not good to call it the rarest media player app, as the PLAYit got downloaded by over 100 million Android users, rated 4.5 stars, and ranked as #3 top free in video players and editors.

The top-ranking by the Google developers is what makes this video streaming app the best option among all others. Later, PLAYit also allows you to enjoy audio streaming within the interface, what you’ve downloaded on your storage.

It doesn’t end there, as the app includes a giant number of privileges in it, like HD streaming, Auto file detection, 10+ supported video formats, online downloading, and the best among all, floating play & background play.

Yeah, all those features you get inside the YouTube premium for 129 INR a month are what you’ll get extremely free; just download and taste its essence.

What is PLAYit Pro?

Now, we know about PLAYit very well, as we learned statistics, rankings, and some of the influential features provided inside the app, but what is PLAYit? We mentioned this MOD name in the first phase of the article and there is a big reason behind that. Basically, PLAYit is the modified version of the app we described above, which includes all the premium subscription features for free.

Yeah, you heard that right! PLAYit surely includes a premium subscription plan, which costs 99.00 INR monthly, or 365.00 INR annually. You can either choose among these plans and pay money to the PLAYit servers or enjoy all the premium features exceptionally free with the free modified version.

Here comes the impressively free subscription plan of PLAYit including all the officially premium features, and we named this plan as this modified version. All we need you is to click the below download link and make this subscription plan all yours for eternity. It’s the most recent update of the modification, including all those features added by PLAYit recently.


We need a hella volume of data these days to trust the modified android apps and games, as no one has that mind state to download and install apps on blogs without knowing it entirely. That’s why we’ve listed below all the detailed features one-by-one –

Play Any Video Format

What’s the first thing you ever look at while choosing a video player app? If someone asked me this question, I would have an answer in my mouth, Video Format Compatibility. It’s the most crucially required feature.

Basically, there are more than 30 video formats available online, where you know some of them like MP4, MKV, AVI, and 3GP. Happily, this modified video player app can play all of them freely. Sounds amazing, right?

Video To MP3 Convertor

At an utmost level, what do you think a video player can do? Play Audio tracks and include online subtitles, right? But is one more level ahead, the PLAYit provides you a built-in Video to MP3 convertor protocol.

This privilege hands you something you found on the internet like hell. From now, you can handily upload a video and convert it to MP3 format. It sounds simple!

Fastest Download Speed

Have you ever used the old UC Browser app to download files? If yes, you must have seen that download speed increment in blue and golden color. Actually, that’s why we used UC Browser those days.

Likewise, here you can transports the fast speed increment within the above features. Whenever you’d download any video or audio on this modded version, you’d find additional fastening speed.

Ad-free Interface

The next annoyance we all glimpsed within the savage interface of PLAYit official app is the highly filled online advertisements. We can bear online commercials almost everywhere, but not while watching and downloading favorite streams.

In that case, you can try the modded version. This version includes a 100% ad-free app interface, either if you’re streaming something online or downloading a video.

Beautiful App Skins

In the end, we all fall down to the app skins or simply the app themes. Customization is our birthright, but the official PLAYit app includes no customization features at all.

However, you won’t need to get worried about that as the modified version of PLAYit is providing you with beautiful app skins all along with the above-listed features. Just download these themes and install them to your app for enjoying a privileged interface.

MOD Features

  • The best Audio and Video Player
  • All type of format is supported
  • Online streams, subtitle support
  • Gesture control in the video player
  • Video to Audio converter tool
  • Floating and Background play
  • VIP Unlocked (Premium)
  • Torrent Download also working.
  • License verification removed
  • All ads removed
  • Optimized for smoothness


If you’re somebody new to the online and offline video streaming era and finding a futuristic protocol to stream with privileges, PLAYit MOD APK would be my first recommendation. This app doesn’t only include the simplistic video playing compatibility but also lets you download videos from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Moreover, it contains the wholly VIP unlocked subscription, so that you’ll have the beautiful app skins, the ad-free interface, and Video to MP3 converter. Time to get a club sandwich of all these features on a single app interface; click the below download link ASAP.

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