Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner

v3.8.5 by Nox Ltd. Verified

NameNox Cleaner
PublisherNox Ltd.
Genre Utilities
Size 42 MB
Version 3.8.5
UpdateMay 27, 2024
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Compatibility 4.4 and up
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Are you in search of the NoxCleaner? If so, then you have come to the right place. In this post, you will obtain the latest version of the NoxCleaner app that will optimize your phone’s performance by removing useless junk.

It’s true that most of the time, the phone slows down when the user interface is loaded with lots of useless app data or the device is on the verge of running out of storage.

Whatever the reason is, if you have a dedicated cleaner application on your phone, you can easily throw away garbage media and other filters without any hassle.

However, choosing any junk cleaner app from the App Store is slightly difficult as there are tons of different options available for users.

But if you are looking for a well-rounded cleaning app for your smartphone, we would suggest you go with the NoxCleaner apk.

NoxCleaner MOD APK

Let’s find out more about this fascinating app in the below section.

What is NoxCleaner APK?

The NoxCleaner is an amazing application that provides a wide range of features to enhance the security and privacy of your Android phone.

Besides this, the app is mostly known for its junk cleaning abilities, which remove unnecessary files from the system so that you can obtain a better user experience without any lags or jester.

NoxCleaner MOD

On the Playstore, this app has a quite good rate with decent reviews, therefore, there’s no problem using this app. Besides this, you can purchase subscriptions to unlock perks like VPN access, Auto Cleaning, and Virus detection support with a completely ad-free experience.

But at the same time, if you don’t have much money to unlock all of those attributes of this app, then we suggest you look for alternative options.

What is NoxCleaner Premium?

If you desire to unleash the full potential of the NoxCleaner APK, you can try out our modified version that brings all of those premium features free of cost.

With this free modified version, you can dive into the world of protection, security, and privacy. Following this, your smartphone’s performance will also increase to some extent, and you won’t experience any trouble playing your favorite games.

Not to forget that this modded version brings Auto virus detection and junk cleaner privileges that are missing in the free version.

On top of that, you don’t have to spend money to access fabulous features. Get the latest NoxCleaner Pro from this post and enjoy cleaning your smartphone junk in a single click.

Features of NoxCleaner Pro

The NoxCleaner is a complete package to enhance the overall performance of your device. Let’s find out more about the amazing things that you can do after downloading this app.

Remove Ads

When you are using the free version, you can’t access some of the features, and you will constantly be bombarded with annoying ads inside the app interface.

It is quite troublesome to even open a tab. But that won’t be a problem if you use this new version. You’ll get a completely ad-free environment where you can enter any section without being bothered.

Get Auto Virus

I have tried various cleaner applications on the Android ecosystem, and most of them are limited to cleaning junk and unwanted data. But not a single of those apps provides a dedicated virus detection feature.

But, one of the most exciting perks of the NoxCleaner Pro is that you will be notified whenever the app detects any harmful virus inside the system so that you can take strict action toward them without any further delay.

Besides this, this attribute works as a dual security layer to avoid any damage to your phone.

Phone Booster

There are several times when you have noticed that the phone is not performing according to your needs, you are getting sluggish responses from the system, and every action is delayed.

This problem generally occurs when the phone is running out of storage or infected with malware.
In that situation, you can use the NoxCleaner Phone Booster feature to optimize performance and further help in detecting malware and viruses.

With these features, you can efficiently enhance phone performance in a pretty hassle-free manner.

App Lock

You have some apps that you don’t want to show others such as Instagram, Snapchat, Netflix, etc.
You might have some conversation on Instagram that you don’t find others or you don’t want anyone to access your Netflix account.

But on the regular phone, you don’t get features to hide those apps. However, this application brings App lock options so that you can easily conceal any app you desire. Moreover, you can access them through the NoxCleaner easily.

CPU Cooler

It’s true that when you are using the phone at its maximum capacity, you will see overheating issues. It could be tedious to even hold your phone.

However, you can use the CPU cooler option from this app to reduce heat to some extent. Plus, you are also getting a game mode from which you can optimize your gaming performance without any hassle.

A battery saver

Generally, the phone battery lasts a long time for all-day usage, but sometimes you might not be able to refuel your smartphone.

In that case, the battery-saver app will provide exceptional support and increase screen time by reducing background activities. With this app, you will receive a few more hours or minutes for your usage.

VPN Connection

It’s not safe to connect to the internet with your IP address as many companies track your location and show you unwanted ads.

But with a VPN connection option, you can visit the website without being tracked, while the app also provides various server access to boost the user experience.

Final Thoughts

You will find tons of applications that will provide those same cleaning features as the NoxCleaner application on Playstore.

But there’s no denying that with this app, you will receive incredibly good features that will help in your day-to-day usage in a pretty seamless smooth manner.

Moreover, you can download latest NoxCleaner MOD APK 2024 to unlock premium subscription features without paying any money. Meanwhile, share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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