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My Expenses

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NameMy Expenses
PublisherMichael Totschnig
Genre Finance
Size 59 MB
UpdateJune 28, 2024
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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We all have the bad finance problem, for which we’re on the internet and finding the best Finance Guys to help us get out of bad debts. Reading books won’t be enough for starting to save money and doing less expenses on some habits. But we need something which can work side by side with us and help us solve all the expense related concerns while having a perfect track. When such a need arises, we should use My Expenses.

It’s a modified version of the official My Expenses’ application to create a book, including all your expenses that you’re marking ahead. It’s an android app that first starts with asking you about the label of your budget book, your opening balance, and your currency. Later, you can start including all your expenses in this book to having an additional preview of the statistics.

This app tracks the whole behavior of your expenses, including the time, type, and power of your expenses and later shows you the charts as well as the ways with which you can lower these expenses more hypothetically. Today, we’re giving you the premium version of this app, which will let you encounter no online advertisements when you will track your expenses and allow you to use more features than the official free app.

My Expenses MOD APK

What’s My Expenses App for?

My Expenses is an android app developed for those who have a bad spending habit and want to get out of that without hiring a finance guy. We all cannot hire someone to keep our finances clean and zero bad debt, but we can hire technology, as Android apps don’t charge us any cost to do that for us. Moreover, it’s easier to see and manage these things virtually than realistically in front of somebody.

My Expenses MOD

This application helps you with a convenient app interface to add all your expenses one by one so that later you can track them altogether with the processed results. On the app interface, you get a small and concise “+” button that you can press and add the expense that you just made or thinking about the older expense. Once you click that button, you can choose the account book where you want to save it and later choose the amount.

Apart from this small information, you can also include the date, time, name of payee, category, tags, as well as notes with your expense. Moreover, there are some additional features like the pre-arranged categories, where you get default options like Retirement, Other Income, Car, Gifts, Insurance, Food, Salary, Taxes, etc. In other words, you don’t need to arrange many things after having this simplistic android app on your phone.


My Expenses is a free premium application that includes the exact premium or VIP membership plan of the app for absolutely free. Once you have this app installed on your Android device. You will not be required for any payments related to the premium, as the only few paid features are already unlocked on its interface, and they are all as listed below.

Multiple Categories

My Expenses MOD APK S5

There is a list of categories available to tag your spendings so that later you can have less struggle while calculating them all. You can create your own categories using a + button, or use from a list of default categories, including Salary, Misc Income, Studies, Health, Housing, Taxes, Food, Car, Holidays, or Transport. You can also use additional tags and add notes to make that expense has more data for the future usage.

Multiple Currencies

My Expenses MOD APK S6

Android users come from different countries and find the best expense tracker application with more languages and, most importantly, more currency options. When using the My Expenses app, you can choose among a list of global currencies, which include the Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Japanese Yen, Iranian Rial, United States Dollar, European Euros, and many more currencies to choose inside.

Income/Expenses Seekbar

My Expenses MOD APK S7

Simplicity means a lot when we use the Android applications, as the first part is where we need all the important options at our fingertips. Later, we require the instantaneous transaction feeding, and it includes both, Income and Expenses section. Otherwise, it starts sounding so filled with entries. My Expenses app has an interesting seek bar option which can be used on every expense filling to simply switch between Income and Expenses with Green and Red color respectively.

Add-on Calculator

My Expenses MOD APK S1

Once you have most of your expenses handy to you, it still requires a few calculations to be done and using a different calculator app with a unique app to feed all those expenses again sounds absurd. We want you to be super convenient and still feed all your expenses. And that’s why the My Expenses APK allows you to use an add-on calculator that launches in a small tab and has most of the calculation features in it.

Multiple Account Books

My Expenses MOD APK S2

If a single account book isn’t handy for you, and you want more of them for having a track of different kinds of expenses or incomes. Otherwise, in the case if you want different statistics for every month to track how you’re stopping bad expenses and clearing most of your debts, this app offers you access to open Multiple Account Books. You can use this option through the sidebar option and label your accounts with any name like July or 2023.

More with Mod version

My Expenses MOD APK S3

The modified version of My Expenses, which is My Expenses, includes a few additional features that make it a different and more advanced expense tracker app than the official one. The first feature you’ll have on that interface would be the ad-free expense feeding and tracking.

Next, you can create templates for the expenses that come through most of the time to add them instantly every day. Lastly, you can choose different colors to tag different account books with, having a unique feel while arranging expenses.

My Expenses MOD APK S4

Requirements to install My Expenses App

There isn’t any concern to be raised when installing this app on your Android device if you have used it before as the official version on your Android smartphone. If not, still it requires just a few mere configurations to be installed on any Android smartphone where there are a few important requirements as listed down below.

Operating SystemAndroid
OS VersionAndroid 5.0 or up
PermissionsCalendar, Storage, etc.

Download My Expenses modified latest version

If you are experiencing some problems with tracking your expenses and at the end of the month finding your pockets empty when you need money the most, My Expenses MOD APK is there to help you in such cases.

We’re offering you the latest version of this free premium Android application so that you can take the help of premium features and manage your expenses more conveniently. Click the link below and download this modded version for free right now.

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