MX Player: Video Player & OTT

MX Player: Video Player & OTT

v1.85.10 by MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive) Verified

NameMX Player: Video Player & OTT
PublisherMX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
Genre Entertainment
Size 43 MB
Version 1.85.10
UpdateJuly 21, 2024
Mod Features Online Content/ Ad-Free
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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Today, you will get this prominent media Player free of cost. With that, you can enjoy online content and local videos both with Pro features by reading whole instructions and downloading MX Player Pro.

Media players and Video streaming perform a significant role in our life nowadays. Watching videos, movies, web series, and TV shows are so important nowadays because it opens the mind of everyone and gives many examples of living life, making strategy, mind building, etc.

But think, having a Video Player with about 100+ features not only for playing local videos but also having great online content, isn’t it great? So today here we are with such a great app named MX Player which if you download from the Google Play store, then you have to pay Rs. 370.

Let’s know about this application more in the following section!

About MX Player App

MX Player is a prominent application that you can see in between whole video players of the play store. Even it comes in the 1st rank of top charts for top free Video players and editors section in India.

It’s a powerful Video Player with advanced hardware acceleration and multi-language different subtitles support. This app requires reading external storage, camera, Internet, and writing external storage permissions.

It also gives AVI support for streaming videos which pointed to consume about 40 to 50% of your data and also while downloading content.

This app provides the same AVI support. In the subtitling industry, it’s leading software since if we talk about subtitle formats provided by MX Player or acceptable in it are following-

  • DVD, DVB, SSA/*ASS* subtitle tracks.
  • SAMI(.smi) which comes with ruby tag support.
  • SubRip(.srt)
  • MPL2(.mpl)
  • MicroDVD(.sub)
  • SubViewer2.0 (.sub)
  • TMPlayer(.txt)
  • PJS (.pjs)
  • Teletext
  • WebVTT(.vtt)
  • Substation Alpha with full styling.

This app provides vast content about thousands of hours of videos, shows, TV serials, etc. Online which you can download easily via the application. But you can’t transfer that content into your data storage, just like YouTube offline videos, it will work like a virtual space for those downloaded videos.

You can only watch in the MX Player app. Also, this app offers premium quality resolution videos with supreme quality audio and language. MX Player also publishes its original videos on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

This app also has three types of decoders which are HW, SW, and HW+. It can also convert into a music player in which you can play music in the app’s background too.

There are so many features in this app, but MX also has published a paid app named MX Player which has an enormous collection of pro features that you can download below free of cost.

What is MX Player Pro?

MX Player Pro APK

MX Player is the same app as the official app, but the difference between both them is some unique in-built Pro characteristics in MX Player.

This app varies from MX Player in terms of HD or UHD quality, sound quality, content, and some extra features such as gaming, music, no-ads, and much more.

But this app is Rs. 370 when you buy it through the Google play store or any app store. But it is fabulous to use a pro version of the top media player MX Player free of cost.

Since not anyone can afford a media player for Rs. 370 and if we talk about some students and professionals, if they want to use this app, have to purchase them. So for you all, we have published MX Player cracked version and it so you can download it damn quickly by the below steps –

  1. First, click on the link below and you will get redirected to the download page automatically.
  2. Click on the start download button.
  3. Then go to the Downloads folder in the file manager and click on the app you have downloaded right now and install it.
  4. If this file isn’t getting installed via file manager, then go to Android settings > Security & privacy > Unknown Sources > Allow.
  5. Wait for a few seconds till the installation finishes.
  6. Click on the open button and enjoy the premium features of MX Player Pro.


As we already have mentioned, most points of MX Player. But it doesn’t end here since there are still a lot of features that didn’t talk about key features are below listed –


No Ads is one of the essential features of MX Player. Since no one wants to stick in an advertisement while watching any movie, video, or online content of MX Player or even anything.

Nowadays ads are ruining everyone’s time and time is the most valuable thing for everyone, you can’t just waste it watching ads so you can’t waste it. So whenever you play any of the video or online content on MX Player, ads won’t disturb you.

Watch 4K Video

MX Player can only support up to 1080p HD resolutions, but what if you want to watch even more high-resolution movies such as 2K or 4K? In that case, you can Download MX Player free in this article.

MX Player supports up to 4K HD video resolution and even in eternity if any extended HD feature is developed then this app will be compatible with that resolution.

Subtitles Gesture

This feature is so much essential since if you are watching a different region video or movie in a different language and even if subtitles are also in the same language then how will you understand that movie?

But since unknown technologies are changing life, work, assets and software too. So they develop the MX Player apk with a feature according to which if you’re watching any original language movie. Subtitles will automatically update as per your location’s region language.

Decoder SW/HW

The decoder is a system that helps us to convert codes into any other form since MX Player says codes are converted into video form by the decoder.

MX Player comes with three types of decoders that are HW (Hardware decoder), HW+ (Hardware Decoder combined with software decoder), and SW (Software Decoder) Decoder.

Of these three decoders, the SW decoder is the fantastic one since by using it, you will get a lot of creative customizations such as changing any color format.

Online Media Streaming

Online streaming became a feeling nowadays since if you are bored so you can watch TV shows, movies, matches, sports, etc. for entertainment.

MX Player gives you the best online streaming experience. By using this application, you can not only watch MX Original content but also sports matches and much more. Even if you have any URL link to the video, you can also stream that by MX Player.

Hide files/folders

Hiding files is also possible in MX Player’s new update by which you can protect your internal or external files and folders easily without using any additional app. So now you can uninstall the vault app from your phone and use MX Player as a file-hider.

In-Built Features

Using MX Player Pro as Music Player

You can save your internal storage and memory too by using the MX Player Pro MOD apk since you can also use this app as a file vault, music player, video player, and much more. So this app also has a music player feature which you can access by clicking on music from the below options, and also you can stream online music via this app.

File Sharing by MX Player Pro

If you have this beast app that can do anything, you can uninstall Xender too. Since file transfer also became easy by using this app, the same as Xender and Shareit, you can send anyone files with high speed via wifi hotspot easily.

Gaming on MX Player Pro

The gaming feature also arrived in this app. You can play a few small games and earn money just like MPL on the MX Player Pro app. It has a wide range of short games such as LUDO, Chess, Quiz, Bubble Shooter, and much more.

Whatsapp Status Downloading

In my opinion, this is the best feature of this app, since using MOD apps of Whatsapp for downloading status, it could ban your account. But if you use MX Player Pro for downloading WhatsApp status, your Whatsapp account will remain protected.


There is 0% doubt that MX Player Pro can give you the most enjoyable experience in playing your media files. In this part, you’ll be able to take the premium version of the MX Player app.

Apart from receiving it for no cost, you’ll be able to use it without any time validity, including Fully Unlocked, No Ads, and many more features, which means you can use it for plenty of time. So Download this amazing app right now and enjoy all the outstanding features free of cost.

Note: Make sure to read MOD Info on the next page.

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