Musixmatch: Lyrics Finder

Musixmatch: Lyrics Finder

v7.10.8 by Musixmatch Verified

NameMusixmatch: Lyrics Finder
Genre Entertainment
Size 46.4 MB
Version 7.10.8
UpdateMay 29, 2024
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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Who’s a music listening fan here? What an absurd question I just asked, as there is not a single human who doesn’t love music on this planet. Even the aliens may have their music compositions that they listen to while they feel so bored. Music can be listened to when we are bored, fell in love, sad about a breakup, wanting energy, or making some top noisy parties. But there are some English and different language music tracks which seem so hard to understand.

For those cases, I’m here today with the modified version of MusixMatch, a free Android app based on delivering you the lyrics to all your favorite music tracks. We all know that there is a little music player apps, or even our offline music players, that don’t allow us to get the lyrics of our favorite tracks. In such a case, we need to have two different displays open, one for managing the music and the other for finding out the lyrics.

Say Goodbye to all those things and get switched to the current app that we have developed for all those music listeners who want an add-on page for lyrics. It’s a convenient app which already is a music player, but if you just want to use it as a lyric generator, it works on your phone’s screen and displays over other apps for showing you the lyrics. None of your favorite songs would now be any unknown to you with the genuine lyrics on the go.

Musixmatch MOD APK

What’s MusixMatch App for?

There are various music lyric adder apps in the library of Google Play Store music genre, but every so often it seems so complex to find a genuine one. Foremost, most of them are developed with low-range resources and the developers are still trying to earn money through the interrupting advertisements. First we get an ad on our online music player app and then through the lyric generator, which both altogether make our entertainment interrupted.

Musixmatch MOD

None of us really want that to happen, and that’s why we’re here today with the MusixMatch APK. It’s a modified version of a top-notch, highly ranked android app on the Google Play Store known mostly for generating English and different language lyrics for the regional music listeners. There is a massive community of music listeners that allows you to get all the lyrics in different languages and create your music taste better with some recommendations.

So within the lyrics, you can also find it easier to join communities, and change the lyric languages. Isn’t that all that you need with a Lyric generator app? If not, we have some more features already available for you on the app interface, but for that, first you should use the app with your experience and also review the hidden features. Until that, we also have a list of app features downside for you.


MusixMatch is a futuristic application once it’s all about generating the music lyrics and mostly when it comes to have one generated on the screen above other apps. In the same way, it allows you to listen to your favorite music tracks with all your favorite words and acknowledge the same in some of your regional languages too. Just join out any of your favorite community, and enjoy all the below features.

Auto Lyric Generation

Musixmatch MOD APK S5

Generating lyrics on a single page is what we have seen mostly by different apps, including the Google search. If you search for a song lyric on Google, it’ll show you a full page of lyrics, and then you will have to find a different one, and the same loop goes on for eternity. This thing can be stopped with this modified version, as it’s the one that automatically generates lyrics after listening to the song played on your device. Kind of a Shazam thing…

Show Lyrics above other apps

Musixmatch MOD APK S1

The app just wants you to enable simple permissions in the Settings app for enabling it to display over the other applications, and then you’re all set. Once you’ll download and install it for the first time, it’ll automatically redirect you to that Setting Page either and after enabling the toggle for it, the real magic will happen.

You’ll now start seeing a small ball of MusixMatch icon on the screen that you can slide anywhere, and it’ll provide you with the music lyrics on the same music player app’s page. Click it to make the lyrics shown on a smaller page, and click it once again for the single line beating lyrics. This feature is well presented by the MusixMatch app among various competitors.

Easy Lyrics Translation

Musixmatch MOD APK S6

Once you’re using any app and displaying the MusixMatch thing above it, it’ll generate the lyrics for you, with a smaller button to translate those lyrics. Basically, there are a few music communities whose users create these translations for the people having the best reach as per their regional languages. This would make it easier for you to find the best and easier lyrics as per your favorite language. But remember, not every song would have translations.

Animated Backgrounds

Musixmatch MOD APK S2

If you would rather not have a different music player app with the MusixMatch lyrics, you can try having the same application play some music for you. Furthermore, you get an addition to the music listening vibe with some available animated background options. Once they’re enabled, you can listen to your favorite music while some different structures and animations work on your phone’s screen to keep your mind attached to the music.

Save Lyrics Offline

Musixmatch MOD APK S3

This feature is something that you’ll like when you are someone who loves just a few music tracks as your super favorite and listen to them on a daily loop. Basically, it’s going to allow you to save your favorite lyrics offline, so that even if you won’t have an internet connection some days, you can still have those lyrics working for you. It’s easier to use those features and will make you enjoy the whole thing so conveniently.

Spotify and Apple Music

Musixmatch MOD APK S4

If you’re using any among the Spotify and Apple Music players, the MusixMatch APK gives you some additional support for the music. We know that these apps already have a function for lyrics. But still, there are some tracks which don’t have lyrics on these apps, and you can use this modified version for those songs and have lyrics on them too.


We won’t say it as a limitation, but there is a procedure that you shall need to take for displaying the MusixMatch app above the other screen. It may disrupt some of your phone’s terms and conditions, and they may show you a danger symbol, like the MIUI phones show when you enable such permissions. However, it won’t read any of your music data or such application’s data, and you can enable this permission without being so scared about that.

Download latest version of MusixMatch modded for Android

Lyrics are something which makes you connected with your favorite music tracks, even when you don’t know the language in which they are composed. But when it comes to simplicity, most lyric generator apps fail in front of MusixMatch MOD APK for having larger music tracks data as well as premium unlocked features. Displaying above other apps and making it simple with auto lyric generation can be on your phone too, by downloading this mod app.

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