Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming

Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming

v4.49.3 by Mimohello GmbH Verified

NameMimo: Learn Coding/Programming
PublisherMimohello GmbH
Genre Education
Size 58 MB
Version 4.49.3
UpdateJuly 7, 2024
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Compatibility 6.0 and up
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Hi there buddy! Are you also searching for Mimo? Yes, then you have landed in the correct place. You will attain premium access to the Mimo Pro features without hassle. Download the APK file from the following post.

In this fast-growing tech world, there are countless opportunities if you have the right skill set. You are not limited by the mainstream and traditional jobs, there are several creative jobs that you can apply for.

From creating apps to website development, you can easily earn money at a rapid pace with proper skills. The market for talented tech (IT) guys is pretty huge, and companies are looking for decent conditions.

Generally, if you are interested in computers and building new things, getting coding skills is the first milestone that you need to achieve.

Programming will give you high-paying jobs, which are also respected by other people, too. But if you are just getting started and don’t have much programming knowledge, you need to start from somewhere.

In that case, we present the latest Mimo APK. With this, you can learn to code in your spare time. Let’s discuss this application thoroughly in the following section.


About Mimo App

Mimo is a fun learning application to learn codes. The app offers numerous interactive tutorials and challenging practice sessions for learners. The app is developed by Johannes Berge.

He’s the developer of the Swift language. With this app, you can learn coding from your home without any problem. Besides this, you can download this APK from the Google Play Store and App Store.

The easy-to-use interface is the key selling point of the Mimo, while on the other hand, you are getting tons of programming courses. It includes the basics of web development, python to advanced level JavaScript, and HTML. You can explore different courses according to what you want to learn.

With this app, learning to code will not a troublesome task as you will get mini-lessons with a game-like interface to understand the basic concepts. On the other hand, the app also offers a diverse range of advanced courses for artificial intelligence, R, terminal, Machine learning, and many more things.

Aside from this, you can purchase a premium subscription to remove all the advertisements that roughly costs 1600 INR. It’s a decent deal if you want to utilize this application to its full potential.

Mimo: A One-Stop Solution for Aspiring Developers

As we all know that Mimo is a freemium model application, which means you can freely access the app features to some extent. But the app is loaded with some premium features that can only unlock the Pro subscriptions.

However, if you are just a student who wants to learn to code for fun. In that case, you have to look for modified alternative applications.

The Mimo is an exceptional app that provides access to all the advanced courses, games challenges, and ad-free interface. Overall, you can utilize all the primary features of the official app for free of cost, and increase your coding knowledge without being bothered by advertisements.

Mimo MOD

It’s a one-stop solution for newbies who want to become a developer in the future. Besides this, you choose any programming language according to your wish.

But if you don’t know how to write code, we recommend you to go with python or web development options in the beginning.

Therefore, learning popular languages like Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Java, Ruby, Python, C#, and C++ become pretty convenient.

Additional Features For Learners

Now that you have understood about this modified version, let’s check out the primary features you are getting with the Mimo. Here is the list of the features that you can use after installing this application.

Learn To Code

The Mimo app is the easy way to learn to code with games, it offers basic course libraries from which you pick anything. Once you have completed the beginner course, you can move from intermediate level to advance level for increasing your knowledge. With this, you can become a developer too.

But if you’re not too savvy with coding, you should start with web development and python programs. It will give you an overview of how variables work and how to write programs in a hassle-free manner.

Additional Practice Session

The free version is limited to the basic courses’ library, but if you want to level up your skill faster, you need to apply your knowledge to a different project, right!

In that case, this APK provides challenging games from which you can practice various programming languages without any trouble. Get access to all challenges easily.

Pro-Only Content

You can only access the beginner course with the free version. But you will attain complete access to the Pro-only content once you have purchased the premium subscription. However, that’s not the case with this APK version, as you are getting this content free of cost.

With this, you will get unlimited practice with challenging games and build projects from scratch. Besides this, the app also provides additional perks to access the advanced courses.

Remove All Ads

You won’t encounter any advertisements while learning. It’s quite annoying when you are fully focusing on something and eventually, you have to see personalized ads that completely distract you from your work.

Definitely, you don’t want it to happen. However, this situation won’t occur here, as the app will provide an ad-free experience.

Get Certified

Once you will complete the course, you will attain a certificate from this app. Usually, you won’t get this feature in the free version. You can add that certificate to your resume to showcase your skill set.


That’s it! The Mimo is a great solution for newbies who are looking for an easy and fun way to learn to code. The app is loaded with tons of programming courses from which you can kick-start your developer career.

On the other hand, you don’t need to watch ads while using this app, and free practice sessions are also available for the users. So, what are you waiting for! Get the latest version of Mimo MOD APK and start coding without any further delay.

On a side note, please let us know about your experience in the following comments section. Moreover, share this APK with your friends or family members who are looking for MIMO Pro Unlocked version to learn to program.

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