mAst: Music Status Video Maker

mAst: Music Status Video Maker

v2.4.1 by Mast Team Verified

NamemAst: Music Status Video Maker
PublisherMast Team
Genre Entertainment
Size 69M
Version 2.4.1
UpdateJuly 2, 2024
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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Playing with video effects is fun, eh? Time to try the most unusual effects with your photos using the free premium version mAst!

A short video isn’t just a video, it becomes a feeling these days. Nowadays, everyone is using apps like TikTok., Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and MX TakaTak to create effect-rich transitional short videos.

These videos didn’t just sweeten their virtual lifestyles, but also deliver a professional advance to their global followers. But everyone is using the same trends every day, and if you’re a rare-seeker, you need this modified version.

If you’ve got jaded using those usual effects like slo-mo, collage, reverse, and blur on your short videos, mAst is the most reliable resolution. It’s an app packed with the rarest short video templates that most short video traffic hasn’t glimpsed yet.

If you want to get out of the old trends and create your own new trend, you’re the one in need of presets listed in the influential list of the mAst database.

Don’t get used to employing effects like It’s my life, talking to the moon, and the Kachha Badaam effect songs, because tremendous unusual things are waiting for you inside the mAst platform.

It’s a really convenient platform, where all you require is to put in the images and create an effect-rich video. Additionally, if you’re dreaming to get amazed, you can try the latest mAst by getting it from the link below.


About mAst App

Presently, we can wander more than 50 different types of media, where we just have utilized audio tracks, videos, short videos, and images. Today, we’re about to make you front an unusual media type, which is a combo media protocol.

This combo is developed with four different types, Effect, Audio clip, Image, and a Video, and called mAst video.

Don’t get uncomfortable if you haven’t heard about the mAst app. It’s one of those rare platforms, responsible for creating that unusual media type, the one we mentioned above.

The mAst is a lightweight Android and iOS application that offers you a hazardous amount of effect presets, where you just need to clip your image and drop all the rest of the things to AI.

This app is the third one using the AI with complete capabilities after FaceApp Pro and ReFace. Its AI tools are capable of conveniently adding your images to over 1000 effective short videos, categorized in the genres like Love, Romance, Funny, Night, Day, Blur, Techie, and Birthday.

No matter what the occasion is, just search for a template on the mAst app and create a quality rich short video.

What is mAst Pro?

Whether the app you chose contains a convenient interface and best features or not, you’ll always fall in a damn need of modified app versions. And that’s always happening because of the premium subscription plans of these applications.

Consequently, you’re going to see a costly premium subscription within the blessed interface of the mAst app, costing 92.00 monthly or 299.00 annually.

Don’t want to spend a single dollar on Android apps? That’s what a techie legend looks like, and the only reason why we developed the mAst modification.

mAst MOD

It’s the free modified version of the official app technologically advanced to help you with the free premium subscription of mAst, including all the features promised within the official subscription and exact interface.

We all act like we don’t care about premium things, but inward us always dream of those features. So please don’t kill those of your insider dreams and get ready to enjoy it after downloading it from the link below and installing it on your phone.


What would you answer someone when they’d query you for the most effective short video-creating app? Believe me or not, after using this mAst Pro version, you can’t recommend any other app to your friends. Let’s now get deep information about all the premium features –

Ad-Free User Interface

After having a massive number of comments on our last few articles about the hell number of online advertisements on the official mAst app, we swore to deliver an ad-free version.

Moving ahead, we developed mAst, which is a 100% ad-free version of mAst. In addition, it’s the one that also includes all other premium features within ad-less delight, as listed below.

Remove Watermark Via mAst Pro

Suppose struggling for hours creating an amazing effect-rich short video and exporting that video later with a brand watermark on it. It sounds more like they created this video using AI.

If you don’t want to give your struggle’s credits to any brand or Android application anymore, you probably need the modifed version. This app includes a free Watermark Remover like that money-asking mAst plan.

720p HD Exporting Quality

In the end, everything comes down in front of the video quality. These days, while living with such incredible technology, every app contains a 720p HD exporting facility.

But here in the mAst official app, you’ll get that feature on a recurring payment. Why get worried creative man, when you can download mAst freely from the link below and enjoy unlimited 720p HD exporting without watermarks.

All Templates Unlocked To Use

The next pro feature that everyone wants to be unlocked inside the sophisticated interface of the mAst app is the premium templates. If you don’t know, the mAst app works with feature-rich preset templates.

Now, some of them are free and basic, but the real professional thing is on the premium side. If you hate those recurring payments, start using mAst with every template unlocked with zero additional payment to servers.

Regular Updating Interface

Is it Holi today, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, or the new event coming from Post Malone? No matter what the event is, mAst developers regularly update templates on their interface according to the event.

But this feature is only developed for the premium users, and secretly for those who’ve installed this app on their phones. If you too want to get access to all those newest templates every week with no advertisement interruptions, download it right now!


I’m not getting a single vibe to end this, but can’t hold it anymore. However, mAst MOD APK still contains hundreds of more features that are simply impossible to put on a single article.

Besides, you can download this app real quick from the link below and enjoy all the features available inside its interface individually.

I think the second option would be the most reliable and entertaining one, so please don’t wait for a single moment and grab this pro unlocked mAst version promptly for your phone.

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