Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

v2.11.32 by Rockstar Games Verified

NameGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas
PublisherRockstar Games
Genre Games
Size 1.86 GB
Version 2.11.32
UpdateMay 30, 2024
Mod Features Money, Cheat, Menu Cleo
Compatibility 7.0 and up
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We have provided the paid version of the GTA San Andreas for free. Along with the official game we have also provided the Modded version, which comes with Unlimited Health, Ammo, Missions Unlocked, and more.

In the open-world gaming revolution, Rockstar Games nailed its name as a brand, since by making GTA 1 in 1997 which was the first game in its privilege after that they created GTA London and GTA 2 in 1999, then GTA 3 in 2002, but all its first games strived a lot till GTA Vice City launched which became world-famous.

And after Vice City, they created everyone’s preferred game – GTA San Andreas in 2004 which is still World’s favorite game, since if you enter any game parlor in India, you will see at least one guy there playing GTA San Andreas.

It’s the most cherished GTA Game in terms of graphics, missions, controls, city, and much more. Missions also played an exceptional role in making GTA San Andreas one of the top games.

GTA San Andreas APK

San Andreas theme song also pulled people a lot towards itself. Now we are here with the same game GTA San Andreas in this article where you will get complete learning about this game and the steps to install it on your phone.

About GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is one of several popular Rockstar GTA series. It’s one of the best games in the Play-Station 2 console list since only some of these games made Play-Station 2 the top memorable console. GTA San Andreas game was published in 2004, and it is still one of the highest-selling games in Play-Station 2 history.

GTA San Andreas city map is the fictionized transcription of San Andreas city. At its origin, this game was possible to play only on Play-Station 2 and Personal computers, but now it is playable on every device.

GTA San Andreas Screenshot

Here in this article, you can download the Android version of GTA San Andreas game as well as the modified version.

In this version of GTA, there are a few more exceptional features that everyone wanted in its last games. Such as gymming, eating food from shops, enhanced graphic quality and a lot more.

The storyline of GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas APK S1

The game’s story is the fictional novel of the year 1992, a gangster named CJ (Carl Johnson) who returns to the San Andreas city. He had a club of friends in San Andreas with whom he does a lot of violations collectively. And also make some new friends by his work such as Big Smoke, Ryder, and much more.


After a lot of crashes, Rockstar Games created GTA San Andreas with all the excellent essential features. Before GTA San Andreas, there were a lot of open-world games designed.

GTA San Andreas Screenshot 1

But every game had at least one demerit like in GTA Vice City swimming in the water isn’t possible, GTA III had poor graphics quality, and much more. But if we talk about GTA San Andreas, it has all the features in it. We have listed some of its markable characteristics below –

Extra Abilities

There are a lot of additional abilities in GTA San Andreas that GTA ultimate creations don’t have like swimming as it isn’t possible to swim in GTA Vice City, Whereas you can jump and swim in water as per your stamina in GTA San Andreas.

This game also gives you a shoot-while-driving feature when you are riding on a bike and also when you are sitting in a car with your gang members (not in the driving seat), you can use a gun. The Jumping feature also got improved in GTA San Andreas.

Variation of Vehicles

In GTA San Andreas, you will see a lot of new updated vehicles, where the main emphasis is provided on the BMX Bike and Police Motorcycle. In all the last GTA games, there wasn’t a bicycle as a vehicle.

GTA San Andreas Screenshot 2

And police officers also don’t have any bikes in the last games since and police bikes look damn cool. Custom Springs also have made this game attractive since you can make your car dance and can make excellent tricky moves in your car.

Flying Airplane in an open-world game was everyone’s dream which came true only because of GTA San Andreas.

Own Look Styling

In GTA Vice City and all the last games, you were able to change the clothes of your avatar or character, and even also you could change the main avatar of the game, but you weren’t able to change your character’s hairstyle, make some tattoos on your skin and change your look in many ways.

There are various shops outside like barbershops, tattoo shops, cloth shops, and much more in which you can enter, and via money, you can change your entire look.

Updated Target mark

At the time of using weapons, the target option makes shooting easy. In GTA Vice City, it was not that easy to aim by the target mark. But in GTA San Andreas, it’s damn easy to kill someone since the mark color will automatically change as per the rival’s health, which will enhance your shooting to the next level in open-world games.

Outside Food Shops

GTA San Andreas also started multiple food shops on its map. There will be an extra mark for a pizza shop, burger shop, drink bars, and every other shop. So if your health is too low, then you can enter any shop and purchase a pizza or burger with money, eat it and maximize your health naturally without acknowledging any cheat code.

Co-operative mode

This is the best point of GTA San Andreas since everyone wants to play such open-world games with their friends for enhancing their fun level, but actually, it was so hard to make a co-player or dual-player open-world game. But Rockstar Games made that tough work possible. By going to a few secret places on the map, you can play GTA San Andreas with one of your friends damn easily.

Some Physical and Mental Abilities

Inside the GTA San Andreas game, there is an ability bar, in which you can see your character’s stamina, fat, respect, weapon skill, muscle, and sex appeal.

You can increase these abilities by training and by gymming. By weight-lifting and doing a lot of exercises there, your physique will become excellent, and you can also lose your fat by exercising there for making your avatar look cool.

Installation Guide

Installing this game is so much easy the same as you install all other big-size OBB games. You only have to perform some steps here to install it –

Step 1 – Click on the link below named GTA San Andreas APK + OBB and you will get redirected to the download page.

Step 2 – Click on the download button and download the file and application both from different links inside.

Step 3 – If you haven’t turned on installation from the File Manager option(Unknown Sources), then proceed on settings > applications > Unknown sources and turn it on.

Unknown Sources

Step 4 – Open the file manager then open the download folder and install the GTA San Andreas APK.

Step 5 – After completing the installation, copy the data file to the folder location – Android > obb > com.rockstargames.gtasa.

Step 6 – The game is successfully installed. You can enjoy it right now.

For installing GTA San Andreas game, you have to uninstall the app you’ve installed before, and then you have to download GTA San Andreas and install it, then do the same as Step 5 and Step 6.


Above there the whole article is only to acknowledge how to install and play GTA San Andreas, the features of San Andreas, the story of the game, and about everything based on GTA San Andreas APK MOD + OBB File.

This game was launched recently for the android phone after having such a fabulous fanbase. Below there are the configuration table for the processor and android versions that can support this game:

Android version4.0 or higher
Phone RAMAt least 1 GB
Free Memory NeededAbout 700 MB

That’s a simple requirement your device needs to meet for enjoying this game, and even if it’s not running well, and if you are suffering from some lag issue, then you will have to reduce the graphic quality.

The game is tested successfully by our team so download it without any doubt since it won’t harm your phone in any way.

What’s new:

  • Now support Android 11, 12, 13
  • Improve quality, and fix bugs.


  • Make sure to read MOD Info on the next page.

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