GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp

v17.70 by FouadMODS Verified

NameGB WhatsApp
Genre Communication
Size 57 MB
Version 17.70
UpdateMay 28, 2024
Mod Features Anti Ban/ More Features
Compatibility 4.4 and up
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Nowadays, instant messaging is one of the most popular ways to communicate. We can say that it’s the best way of communication since it’s more convenient than emails and calls.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps since lots of people are using it for instant messaging today. India has about 400 million WhatsApp users and still growing at a massive rate.

So the prime task of this app is communicating with friends, clients, family members, or anyone in any corner of the world via instant messaging, which made the circumstances damn easy.

You can also share media files such as Pictures, Songs, Videos, Documents, and much more via network access to any other user. The best thing is you don’t have to take any subscription plan for that you just need a steady data connection. Also, the app’s user interface is excellent so you can easily use it.

You don’t have to add any contact to this app. Also, the data and messages you are sending are people-to-person encrypted.

You can also use WhatsApp for group chats via WhatsApp’s group feature, for doing that you just have to click on create a group and select contacts for doing that.

GBWhatsApp APK Download 2024

GBWhatsapp APK Download

Even you can make data calls via WhatsApp without using the balance for that. You can make conference calls, video calls, and also group video calls with exceptional quality. Even if there is an important message you lost, you can search for it via the search bar.

So everything is exceptional, but this app requires a lot more features such as themes, status download options, fonts, and much more. For that purpose, today we are here with an app named GB WhatsApp.

It’s just like a MOD for WhatsApp, the only solution for taking advantage of all the extra creative features we require in WhatsApp.

This app launched online about 4 to 5 years ago, but was discontinued because of some security issues. But now, via changing and adding some new codes and redeveloping it, we got GBWhatsApp.

Why use GB WhatsApp instead of official WhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp APK Latest

GBWA is the same as official WhatsApp, but it comes with some additional features which are so much more exciting since there are a lot of themes, font styles, etc. in this app.

This app has more useful features such as whenever someone comes online or if he changes his about info or username, you will get a notification in the log menu.

GBWhatsApp Logo

So from my perspective, this app is better than official WhatsApp because of its ease of access and excellent user interface.

Backing up messages is so easy by using GBWhatsApp Latest APK, you can also make a backup of messages in the file manager via this app.


  • GB WhatsApp Apk’s theme collection is tremendous. We changed this app with endless themes and about 200+ font styles.
  • You can stay online 24/7 without letting GBWhatsApp open.
  • You can now change blue tick styles, colors, and also chat head styles.


  • GBWhatsApp APK is supported on the android and iOS platforms only and is not available for windows.
  • You can only back up data in the file manager since the google drive option is not available with GBWA.
  • There are slight chances of your account being temporarily banned and if you again install after that ban so maybe your account will get banned permanently.
  • This app isn’t available on Google Play Store or any phone’s official app store.


Since the last GBWhatsApp version was discontinued about 9 months ago because of some security issues, we are here with the latest version after a long time.

But now it is back with various additional attractive features. We mentioned the imperative features below:

Auto Reply: GBWA’s auto-reply feature is so much useful for business accounts, resellers, entrepreneurs, and YouTubers since because of this feature, GB WA sends customers an appropriate reply automatically as per the message they’ve sent.

For that purpose, open settings and click on the auto-reply option, then add a reply as per message choice. This app will conserve your time and cover all traffic on your business smoothly by working as your own bot.

DND: As per the DND option, while you are busy on another app, GB Whatsapp won’t disturb you if you turn on the DND option. To turn it on, click on airplane mode above on the app screen.

Text Messages Broadcast: Everyone using WhatsApp already knows about WhatsApp’s broadcast message feature, but via using official WhatsApp, you can’t send a broadcast message to a group. So that’s the additional feature of GBWA APK to send a broadcast to WhatsApp groups too.

Filter Messages: By applying the Filter Messages feature, you can filter previous messages when removing that. So you can easily separate unwanted messages.

Anti-Revoke Message: Anti-revoke means seeing back the text deleted by the sender. It’s one of the most impressive features of GBWhatsapp since you can easily read messages that someone doesn’t want you to read.

Share Live Locations: Sharing live locations was not possible when the previous time this app was developed. But now it’s possible to share your live position (location) for up to 8 hours only.

Revoke Multiple Messages: As I already mentioned above regarding revoking deleted messages so according to this feature, you can remove multiple messages at a single time.

Hiding Blue Ticks: By using GBWA, you can hide blue ticks or the seen report from the frontman’s mobile screen without letting him know about that. You can also hide blue ticks for the selective people you want.

Freeze Last Seen: Freezing last seen is a marvelous feature of the GB WA APK since you can freeze last seen by going into privacy settings. Then neither one can see whenever you were online last time.

Hide View Status: If you are watching someone’s status on WhatsApp’s official app, that guy will get notified about you reading it. But GBWA has a feature that you can hide your view from that status easily.

Send Maximum Pictures: According to WhatsApp 2020 t&Cs, its media sharing feature allows you to send up to 30 pictures in one wave. But via using GBWhatsapp App, you can send maximum photos to someone at the same time.

Endless Themes: Creative looking is the key advantage of GBWhatsApp APK since you can make WhatsApp look great with its endless themes. Even you can also download its themes via any web browser just by surfing GB WhatsApp themes.

Download Status: Downloading status is fun since you don’t have to ask for status from your friend if you can download it from your side. GB WhatsApp comes with a feature according to which you can download someone’s video status easily.

Amazing Font: Besides having such an impressive theme collection, GB WhatsApp also has plenty of font styles by which you can not even change the message style from your side but also on the user side to whom you’re sending that message.

Messages History: Using the latest GBWhatsApp is crazy since you can even check the message history even when you deleted or revoked them via logs.

Alter Contacts: Altering contact means making contacts look designed so you can change each contact’s color for different guys individually via GBWA just to recognize them easily.

Mark Unread Messages: You can mark the unread messages easily via the option of marking them only.

Select All Chat: When you search messages via the search bar or see a single guy message, you can select all chat at the same time on the Home screen.

Hide Your Status: This feature is also available on WhatsApp’s official app. You can easily hide the status of those whom you don’t want to show.

Best Image Quality: Image quality matters a lot while sending images on WhatsApp official and if you want to send the same quality image, then you have to send it in doc format. But while using GBWA, you can send pictures and videos of the same size and quality to another user directly.

Log History: Log history is an excellent feature of GBWA APK. By clicking on the log button, you can get information about whenever a guy came online, whenever he posted his status if he changed his profile pic, or everything as a spy.

Language: Whenever you uninstall this app, then the last language you have chosen will automatically take place when you reinstall it. And also this app has an extensive collection of letters.

Popup Notifications: Same as WhatsApp, GBWhatsapp also gives pop-up notification with a reply option and even you can hide it from the screen easily, for that you just have to open notification settings and turn the pop-up notification off.

How to Install GBWhatsApp APK on Android?

If you don’t know how to install a .apk file on android then no worries. You can follow the below steps.

  1. First, download the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK on your Android device.
  2. Go to Settings > Apps & Security > Enable “Unknown Sources” option.Unknown Sources
  3. Open the folder where the apk file is located.
  4. Tap to install the apk.
  5. Let the installation process complete.
  6. That’s it, you have successfully installed the apk file on your smartphone.

If you get an “App not installed” error then make sure to uninstall the official WhatsApp app from your device and then try installing the apk again.

Note: The process of allowing apps to install from unknown sources may vary for different Android versions. It is based on Android 9.

How do I Import conversations from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp APK?

Back up your conversations on WhatsApp. (In WhatsApp settings, go to ‘Chat settings’ and backup your conversations)

  • Install GBWhatsApp (follow the steps from question 3 above).
  • After verification is complete you will be prompted to import the backup.
  • Accept the request to import conversations.

GB WhatsApp for iOS?

There is delightful news for all iOS users GBWhatsapp is now also available for iOS but not on the app store. If you are an iOS user, click on the link given below and your file will start downloading.

After that, just install that app and log in via a one-time password (OTP), and then enjoy GBWhatsapp on your iPhone or any apple device.

Similar App – WhatsApp Plus

Using WhatsApp Plus, you can enjoy all the amazing functionalities of the app, since it has over 700 themes that you can configure and a lot more features that will make you glad.

If you liked GBWhatsApp, so please try this too. WhatsApp Plus is one of the improved versions of the official WhatsApp app, just like GBWA. So please click on the link below to get more research about WhatsApp Plus.


Why GB WhatsApp APK not found in Play Store?

GBWhatsApp APK is developed by a 3rd party developer. Unfortunately, due to copyright and license problems, it isn’t available on PlayStore.

Can I keep both WhatsApp and GBWA both installed together?

No, you cannot keep both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp APK installed together on the same device.

Is GBWhatsApp developed by WhatsApp company?

No, It’s an unofficial app developed by independent developers, not sponsored by WhatsApp company.

Why GB WhatsApp APK not found in Play Store?

GBWhatsApp is developed by a 3rd party developer. Unfortunately, due to copyright and license problems, it isn’t available on PlayStore.

Is GBWhatsApp APK available for iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry devices as well?

Unfortunately, GBWhatsApp is presently available only for the Android platform.

How do I change themes on GBWhatsApp?

You can always create a theme of your own and customize it yourself. GBWhatsApp lets you customize every single part of the app and you can change the look and feel to your own liking.

Where can I find more themes for GBWhatsApp?

You can directly download themes from the GBWhatsApp themes store server or search online for themes.

Will I Be Banned if I Use GB WhatsApp APK?

In new updates no, But if you got banned uninstall your WhatsApp version and install it again.

Can I secure a specific chat or the whole GBWhatsApp profile with password protection?

Yes, you can password-protect any single chat or the whole GBWhatsApp application.


WhatsApp is the most useful app nowadays for communication, business, media sharing, and about everything. The anti-ban GBWhatsApp APK has plenty of features you can change the whole WhatsApp front-end design via this app. You can change the WhatsApp theme, font, and even the app logo as per your choice.

So this app is worth your trust but because of some security issues if your account gets temporarily banned so please do not use this app once again for that account since this issue is taking place for many accounts.

So stop thinking about that and Download GBWA APK right now and surf all these excellent features.

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