Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin

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NameFriday Night Funkin
Genre Games
Size 226 MB
Version 0.2.8 build 1
UpdateJuly 2, 2024
Mod Features Official App
Compatibility 6.0 and up
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Friday Night Funkin, developed by Ninjamfin 99, Phantom A Cadet, and Quanisprit, is an interactive rhythmic game where girls can try on different outfits and perfect steps for impressing their friend’s father. This gives them a chance at finding love with the right guy this Saturday night.

It’s Friday night, and all the ladies are getting their best dresses out to impress a date. The ultimate goal is not only to get him in your arms, but also to kiss him, which will lead you into trying some new dance moves that make it feel like time flies by while you’re having fun!

You’re trying your best to impress the girl’s father. He was a famous rock star in his day, and you are feeling pretty intimidated about it all. You can’t wait for him to see what he has missed out on because even with how embarrassing things could get.

friday night funkin apk

Merging Tides of Joy

You will never regret this moment of joy that is bounding off the walls like rivers into oceans at high tide, crashing against each other until they merge together.

As one before being pulled back into their own respective sources beneath the earth from whence they came or above us where we hope these eternal streams flow forevermore unchanging from our vastness unto eternity.

About the Game

In this musical game, you must play the role of a young man who wants to kiss his girlfriend on Friday night. To get her father’s approval for their date, your mission is to impress him by playing some funky tunes and dancing like no one is watching!

The app has had little success in its PC versions, but Android users demanded that it appear as an app. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, we’ll let you know that this music video game involves playing with different drums.

While also making dance moves so beautiful, they should be illegal. But only if the audience consists solely of family members because otherwise, people will think he might have been possessed or something crazy, haha!

Friday Night Funkin Gameplay

The game is set in a fast-paced world where your goals to impress the father and kiss before you’re out of time. What’s fascinating about this, though, is that it doesn’t require traditional gaming skills like pressing buttons at just the right moment or timing jumps perfectly.

It asks for something more: accuracy with musical notes! With every successful press on the correct button after an arrow appears over one of them (signaling which key), your love will get closer and closer to kissing their beloved by nightfall.

The main character has two different skill sets they must use throughout playtime: being able to accurately hit keys when prompted and focusing enough attention on what music comes next so that they can react accordingly without missing any.

The game is a blast to play with your partner, or even against them! There are plenty of enemies you have to face off against: Pico, the musician who challenges you to rhythm games like Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero; Monster that battles for glory in contests such as Rock Band and Donkey Konga; Skid who plays darts.

Don’t forget about Pump either-he’s great at fighting Mario Brother’s style duels Green (if lover wins) or red (if lover loses). The possibilities seem endless between all these different opponents. But it doesn’t matter what sort of opponent awaits because they’ll be crushed by Lover Face Kiss any day!

Game Features

Friday Night Funkin is an easy-to-use and addictive game with fantastic graphics. You have unlimited time in the free mode, but in Story Mode, there is a maximum of 7 attempts before it forces you back to your story or until you defeat that character.

The game has a simple and addictive mechanic that is easy to control. It also offers tutorials for players who are unsure of how the mechanics work. There are two modes: free play with patience or storytelling mode until you can confront your character’s nemesis in battle!

Playing together with your favorite friends is the best way to have fun. And that’s what Lover Face Kiss does for you! This game provides green (the lover wins) or red colors (lover loses) with a gauge.

You can also face other musicians like Pico, Monster, and Skid, but no matter who you’re up against, it always comes down to winning by kissing them to win the game. Just don’t let their faces get too close; otherwise, there might be an unwanted kiss waiting for both of us instead of two winners!

What’s New

  • Bug Resolved
  • Funkin Debug APK
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • New Feature
  • Minor Issues fixed
  • Speed Boosted

App Details and Availability

It is located in the Role Playing category and was developed by ninjamuffin99’s. The average rating on our website is 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 27802 reviews at last count.

But this app has come under fire from several sources for its questionable rating system, which seems to be based more on popularity than quality or content.

Friday Night Funkin can now be downloaded on Android! Available as an APK file, you’ll have access to one-of-a-kind RPG gameplay that will keep you coming back time after time for even more fun!


If you’re looking for an app that’ll keep you entertained, then get the Friday Night Funkin APK as soon as possible. Once installed onto your device, there will barely ever be any moments where boredom seeps through in any more routine activities.

The Friday Night is the perfect application to have on your phone. It’s a great way to kill time and enjoy yourself, which can be difficult in this day and age with all of our responsibilities.

The simple interface makes scrolling between different categories smooth. Users won’t spend too much time selecting their next task or waiting for things like a loading screen before they start playing again; additionally, every play session provides opportunities for players at various skill levels.

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