Email Aqua Mail - Fast, Secure

Email Aqua Mail - Fast, Secure

v1.51.5 by Aqua Mail Verified

NameEmail Aqua Mail - Fast, Secure
PublisherAqua Mail
Genre Communication
Size 34 MB
Version 1.51.5
UpdateJuly 14, 2024
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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The fluency you’re currently using while messaging with WhatsApp these days is what people really observed while using the Electronic Mail service, aka E-Mail. You must be using any kind of language and direct messaging these days with the instant messaging protocol, and also loving its convenience, but emailing can also become fun and sound quite easy in your front using the Email Aqua Mail.

Emailing sounds like an old technology these days, as the futuristic Metaverse is working on making a virtually augmented connection of people, which in simple words would be more exceptional than instant messaging. But E-Mail also has its own potential, and that’s why almost 99.99% of online companies use E-Mail at the top of their communication protocol list while interacting with clients and business investors.

When you compose a mail through your smartphone’s Gmail or Outlook app, it might sound like a complex thing to do, but they can seem simple too, employing Email Aqua Mail APK in place of Gmail. This third-party application software enables you to email your contacts more conveniently, including 300+ beneficial privileges that you can’t get with ISPs. Stop being influenced by official mail partners and try this free modified version once.

Email Aqua Mail MOD APK

What is Email Aqua Mail APK?

There are undoubtedly more than a thousand services, protocols, and platforms letting you mail all your contacts conveniently, but everything that shines ain’t not be the gold, right? In exchange, thy grab a hell amount of your data, contacts, and messages, and sarcastically deliver you just a single privilege called composing email messages. If you want to get above this and email like a pro, Email Aqua Mail APK can assist you to do the same.

This Android app is an end-to-end encrypted email service, which delivers you more than 300 mailing settings, like PDF downloading, XML downloading, Anonymous forwarding, schedule mailing, copying, pasting, batch managing, and folder managing. In simple words, Email Aqua Mail is a big aqua tank filled with the complete email features you need to make your mailing extremely perfect as an individual, company, or professional.

If you’re in this era and want to take your mailing capability and performance to the next level, there won’t be a competitor to find for Email Aqua Mail. It’s the only best competitor in the series serving you the most reliable mailing features with a freemium app interface; an interface with both free and premium membership plans. Choose the best, be the best, and engage the world with the best from today!

What is Email Aqua Mail Subscribed?

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or even a professional in the mailing skill, Email Aqua Mail is the only required protocol to surf you towards the moon. It allows you to use unlimited email accounts with zero restrictions and interruptions, but only if you’re among their premium client. Yeah, Email Aqua Mail’s premium subscription plan costs 2500.00 INR annually and delivers you seamless access to all the 300+ mailing features.

Email Aqua Mail MOD

Got shocked, eh? That’s legit as Gmail and Yahoo Mail don’t ask a single penny to use their protocol. But before feeling disappointed, let me take you in front of the modded version of Email Aqua Mail. That’s one of the magical android modifications we create for all our creative android techies, finding free premium fun. If you’re feeling disappointed with the costly Email Aqua Mail’s premium plan, stop feeling that way and start enjoying free premium with us.

Features of Email Aqua Mail

It is a comfy android app to download and install in a default way on any Android smartphone and includes a ditto app interface as the official one. But being a little converse than the official one, it offers you all the below-listed features absolutely free –

Use Unlimited Accounts

Here we’re transporting you the most renowned feature of the Email Aqua Mail official app for free, that officially gets traded for a huge amount, i.e., the Unlimited Email Accounts.

You would find it annoying that the official app only lets you use a single email account if you’re a free user of the app. But Email Aqua Mail lets you use your premium plan, which lets you use any number of accounts from a single interface, which is great.

Uninterrupted mailing

Interruptions are everywhere. Everything that we’re using today including an online internet connection first requires monetization from us in a common way, i.e., the online video ads.

We got irritated watching those Dream11 and OctaFX online ads while doing some vital tasks. Hopefully, the modified app will eliminate all of those annoying ads. You can send as many emails as you want from as many accounts as you want, and all of them are free.

End-to-end Encryption

Here’s the thing that we already disclosed to you in the very first section of this article, end-to-end encryption. Most of us first heard of this security firewall after using WhatsApp.

Being the most secure mailing app, the app also enables end-to-end encryption, without any charges. Conversely, you’d find it costly within the official app interface.

300+ useful settings

Unveiling all the features of Email Aqua Mail is still not enough without providing the details about 300+ additional settings you’re getting freely within its privileged interface.

You’d get here the additional features like SSL hardening, SSL certificate tracking, Smart Folder, Contacts, Calendar Add-On, PDF Saving, Backup, email identities, delete folders, and permanently delete to make instant decisions and get prompt outcomes.

Remove Promo Signature

If you haven’t used any third-party email service provider or ESP before, let me tell you their biggest demerit that they use for getting premium subscription users; PROMO SIGNATURES.

If you’d use the free subscription with the official Email Aqua Mail app, they’d send a brand promo signature too, with all your emails to advertise their brand. If you want to eliminate this demerit for absolutely free, it’s only possible through the mod version.

Final Words

I get more than 100 emails every day and most of my friends get 500+, but none of us knew about muting and spamming them before using the Email Aqua Mail MOD APK. This app is the real mailing magic, and a must-be-installed kind of Android app if you use email as one of your default messaging. Try all its 300+ Pro Unlocked features today by clicking the above download link and installing it to your device.

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