Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6

v41.2 by ninja kiwi Verified

NameBloons TD 6
Publisherninja kiwi
Genre Games
Size 77M
Version 41.2
UpdateJuly 2, 2024
Mod Features Free Shopping, All Unlocked
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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The innovations have created a passage for enormous new gaming genres waiting to take the assistance of enthusiastic gamers.

There were days and ages before, when we only knew three gaming genres, Action, Casual, and Racing, but now, we can observe more than 100 fantastic gaming genres available on the internet to grasp our attention.

Similarly, there is one most addictive gaming genres you must haven’t heard of yet, the Tower Defense, including a 1st ranked game named Bloons TD 6!

Tower defense, by its name, opens all its treasures you’ll enjoy in the Bloons TD 6 game. By the leading cause, the genre offers you an interface to defend your kingdom using powerful towers clubbed with technological weaponry and blockers.

Besides, it’ll also rinse your memory with the same gaming interface as your old favorite defense games.

Bloons TD6 MOD APK

Consequently, we’ve got here the Bloons TD 6, the modified or free paid version of the official game. It’ll give you free game access with no need for ad streaming or money spending.

All you need is to click the link below, download, and install it on your phone, and the latter would be all the fun depicted by them.

What is Bloons TD 6?

Bloons TD 6 is a paid Android game based on the perfect tower defense genre. This game includes all the valuable features that you won’t get in most same-genre games.

It offers you incredible animated graphics, mighty towers, and fascinating characters to make you addicted and stick with these fantastic memories.

Later, you also need to know that Bloons TD 6 is Google’s professionally ranked Android game, ranked as the #1 top paid in the Strategy gaming genre of the Google Play Store.

Now you can simply believe the magic inside that game, as no one can resist the game ranked on the top of two different genres, strategy, and tower defense.

With Respect to all the above features and statistics, you must include Bloons TD 6 in your daily playing list.

But before that, let me tell you that Bloons TD 6 is a paid Android game, and before installing it, you need to pay Google Play Store at least 440 INR in total using any payment method.

Do you want to deploy some technology and bypass this payment? Time to reveal something!

What is Bloons TD 6 Privileged

After enjoying numerous years in Android gaming, you must understand the word modified version. Yeah, you’re absolutely right; Bloons TD 6 is the modified version of the Bloons TD 6 official game.

The MOD was first developed to offer you paid game access for free, but later, we worked hard and added some additional features.

Bloons TD 6 MOD

So with the Bloons TD 6, you’re going to enjoy unlimited funds, free shopping, unlocked towers, unlocked maps, and many more features with no online commercial interruptions at all.

What do you think now about the modified version? Don’t you think it is worth a fast download by clicking the link below? Let’s first have a deep look at its premium privileges, too:


Time to disclose the most crucial partition of the article, which includes all the features of Bloons TD 6.

Yeah, it’s a futuristic Android app, including breathtaking features to make you love the game intrinsically, as well as extrinsically. Now is the time to list them all below with enthusiasm.

All towers unlocked

The first element to disclose about the modified version is the unlocked in-game towers. You can call it a struggle before, as you were required to pay a significant amount with in-app purchases on the last official version.

But here, you’ll get free access to the paid game with almost no in-app purchases. You’ll get all the towers unlocked so that you can choose any powerful one on any game level!

Infinite funds

Even after having free access to all the unlocked towers of the Bloons TD 6 game, you can’t build them all in each level without first earning the funds. And if the talk is about tower defense games, it requires a damn struggle to gain funds.

Time to kill all your struggle with a clever piece of technology named Bloons TD 6. This modified version will deliver you unlimited funds in each game level to enjoy like the last.

Unlocked game access

After surveying this game, the harshest problem we found from the gamers was its paid interface. In actuality, if you never glimpsed this game on the Google Play Store, you need to know that it’s a premium game.

Yeah, you need to pay 400 INR to Google Play Store for installing this game on your phone. But the APK delivers you an accessible interface with the same gaming servers. Now you can choose between Beauty and the Beast!

Bypass Play Store firewall

Next, you would find one more important feature within the modified interface. It’s the feature for all those gamers in a mindset if we’re providing something else in the name of Bloons TD 6.

The APK or modified version delivers your smartphone the capability to bypass the Google Play Store firewall. In other words, you would have the exact app developed by the precise developer, but the only difference would be a code that’ll provide this game the ability to get installed without payment.

Unlocked Maps

The last part of this altered game version is the unlocked gaming maps. Basically, the game includes eight-game seasons, which are all blocked and unlocked one by one.

If you want to enjoy them all in a single loop, and don’t want to wait to struggle or gain maximum stars for boss levels, download this app and get the entire locations freely unlocked within!


Bloons TD 6 is a mostly 5-star rated strategical Android game, which is also ranked as the #1 top paid in strategy genre by the Google Play Store’s professional game developers.

But before downloading this game, you first need to pay 440 INR to the Play Store. Get excited with the all unlocked interface of the game using our modified version, named Bloons TD 6 MOD APK. Download it right now from the link below, and enjoy its entirety precisely for free!

Note: Money increases when you spend.

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