BitLife - Life Simulator

BitLife - Life Simulator

v3.12.2 by Candywriter, LLC Verified

NameBitLife - Life Simulator
PublisherCandywriter, LLC
Genre Games
Size 157 MB
Version 3.12.2
UpdateMay 28, 2024
Mod Features Bitizenship/ God Mode
Compatibility 4.4 and up
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Have you ever taken your life as a game? Actually, it sounds hazardous but damn futuristic at the same time. Playing games is fun, but taking a real-life game would be more fun.

Suppose you live in life evolving at every age with new opportunities, new success, and new failure, or you are simply living virtual life. That’s what happens inside the BitLife Life simulator.

Inside such a game, you can play whichever number of lives you want, but at the same time, you would have to be strategic as that life would be entirely dependent on all the choices you will take. Good decisions will endure you with a better life, and conversely, the bad decisions of bad habits will downgrade your future.

Time to play a real-life playing game and endure the power of your strategic planning. You can choose your favorite strategies inside this game before your real life to experience the approximate future outcomes.

This game is developed by keeping real life at one side and gameplaying at another to enjoy the exact fun here. Moreover, the modified version would help you change your age with magic –

BitLife Life Simulator MOD

What is BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife is the name that precisely communicates with this game’s actual genre – BitLife Life Simulator. As your PC’s data evolution and process evolution generate with the enhancing bits, you can play this game in the case of real life.

At first, the game will provide you with the 1st age of a guy, and their entire life would depend on your own decisions.

The CandyWriter developer developed BitLife Life Simulator in Feb 2019 and got more than 10 million downloads till today with the precise 4.2-star Google Play Store ratings.

BitLife Life Simulator MOD

It’s one of the top 20 simulation games on the Google Play Store, as it contains a real-life simulation with more than a hundred features and an AI life evolution journey.

As being partnered with AI technology, the game offers you a new life every time with all the different decision making, family backgrounds, hierarchies, and generations.

Moreover, this game evolves with new features, new life skills, and other vital resources. But if you want to enjoy this game at its prime, you can try the modification below.

What is BitLife Life Simulator Premium?

Now it finally comes to the modification, that if the game includes all the most remarkable features and the fantastic graphics, why would you need modification?

Basically, the developer has included hundreds of in-game purchases within the game interface to monetize it, and that’s all the resources you would desire to make your life game more generous.

The modification here offers you the same life but makes most of the in-app purchases absolutely free. After having this version, you can make your life easy, purchasing any freedom even while being in a middle-class or low-class family inside the game.

In simple words, there is no nobility in playing the official version, while you can freely access all those premium purchases without spending real money.

Download it from the link below and enjoying it in real-time. Enjoy life here with full enthusiasm and no fear of spending real money.

Features of BitLife Life Simulator

As we discussed above, all the coolest privileges you would have after downloading and installing the BitLife Life Simulator game in place of the official game.

So let’s now dig deep inside and know more about each feature offered within this gaming app –

Free Bitizenship

Being a Bitizen is fun inside the BitLife Life Simulator game, as it’s simply the premium version of this game, including so many features like unlimited generations, interaction with teachers, salon, spa, dark mode, and many other features.

But sadly, the Bitizenship would cost you 440 INR or 6.99 USD for purchasing. Stop worrying and choose BitLife Simulator MOD APK. This modified version is going to evolve you with free Bitizenship and many more premium features as listed below –

God Mode

It’s basically impossible if you never heard of the God Mode after playing this game for a considerable time. Or, if you’re a newbie with this game, God Mode is simply the module where you can add whatever number of age years you want.

Happily, the BitLife Life Simulator offers you the free God Mode subscription so that you can enjoy that freedom with our modified app version.

No Advertisements

Living life and getting stuck in an online Three Card rummy advertisement would be damn hilarious, and that happened with us daily while playing the BitLife Life Simulator official game.

Consequently, we’ve developed the modified version with an ad-free app interface. You can enjoy each of the above-listed features freely on this modified version and barely without any single online ad.

Free access to Time Machine

Have you heard of the Time Machine within the BitLife Life Simulator Android game? Basically, it helps you get back on your bad decisions while being dead and change those decisions for loss.

Time Machine is again one of the premium features available within this modedd version. It’d be freely accessible within the modified application, and you can use it on every new death to understand the living strategy exceptionally.

Unlocked In-App purchases

Suppose you’ve got no money on any of your new life with the BitLife Android game. In that case, you can’t purchase new pets, accessories, real estate, lottery, cars, vacations, or shopping.

Subsequently, you can’t get plastic surgery without having dollars. That’s why the app offers you unlocked in-app purchases so that you would have everything purchasable already unlocked within the interface. Enjoy everything!


Living life with absolute joy and no fear of dying is barely impossible. But do you know that it can become possible with a simple modified Android game? Yeah, that’s right, and it can come true with BitLife Life Simulator MOD APK.

Moreover, this app is 100% free from advertisements, and Unlocked/Free Shopping so that you would enjoy each year of age without any interruptions. Start enjoying it!

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