After capturing pictures from the normal stock camera apps on our Android smartphones, we don’t get them eternally perfect to post on the social media platforms. They require add-on editing and enhancements that we can normally get through the photo editing tools available on the internet.

Now the question generates; which are the best photography mod apps for Android in 2024? If you’re eager to acknowledge this topic, and find the best app for all the editing shortcomings, then you’re at the right place.

In this article, we have ranked the list of apps based on their authorized platform, variety of features, and new-gen AI tools.

Best Photography MOD Apps for Android

1. PicsArt

Picsart Gold APK

PicsArt AI Photo Editor, Video

By PicsArt, Inc.

PicsArt is reckoned to be ranked at the top of the list as it’s the most sophisticated platform, holding a rank among the top-3 grossing photography apps on the Google Play Store. It’s a magnificent platform with a plethora of features and added AI enhancement options.

First, you get a massive library of resources within PicsArt mentioned as Creative Library. It includes more than 200 designer fonts, 60 million stickers, and many more filters. Afterward, it lets you remove objects or generate immense online images through the Magic AI tools.

Lastly, there is also an add-on collage maker with tremendous frames to add many pictures in one and use it for multiple events and parties.



VSCO Photo & Video Editor


VSCO is the second best modded Android app for both photo and video editing facility. It’s the one with more than 200 presets for editing pictures more smoothly and conveniently, where you just have to grab your pictures and make them sharable.

Moreover, it consists of VSCO Montage facility, where you get moving collages for creating video stories, which is the rarest privilege you get within.

After having all the professional photo editing tools too, such as HSL, Brightness, Contrast, etc., you also get an add-on video editor. It facilitates you to add audio tracks in your videos, make the enhancements related to colorful filters, and background gradients.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom MOD

Lightroom Photo Editor

By Adobe

Lightroom is one of the Adobe apps developed for the Android smartphones after people gave them a lot of love on the computers. Although it sounds a bit complex to use those tools on a PC, the android devices let you make many editing enhancements with almost zero hustle.

After being ranked as #5 top-grossing photography app, it comprises AI assisted tools for background removal, instantly boosting photo quality, adding bokeh effects, retouching portraits, and changing sky color.

If that doesn’t revitalize your editor soul, then you can get amazed with an enormous color palette, 200+ curated presets, and a unique reel creator with a perfect aspect ratio and all such tools.



EPIK – AI Photo Editor

By SNOW Corporation

EPIK is our fourth competitor among our list, and it’ll mostly cover the tools powered with Artificial Intelligence. These tools are instantaneous and convenient to be employed in just a single click.

You can use AI tools to cut out any object or human directly from a picture, change hairstyles, skin colors, and eyebrow colors.

Additionally, collages can also be created through AI; adjusting pictures and designing a perfect instant collage frame.

Lastly, EPIK also allows you to use the professional editing tools, including HSL, Curves, Crop, and batch editing.

5. PicShot Photo Editor


PicShot: Photo Editor App

By Lyrebird Studio

PicShot is the superficial photo editor app used to create the superpowers and such avatars for the normal pictures you capture on your phone’s camera.

If you want 3D backgrounds around your body in the picture, just like those spirals, flames, and blasts, then you need this app.

It uses AI tools to automatically work as the best fit for your picture. You won’t have to think twice or hustle twice to make that art or effect perfectly adjusted as per the picture.

It automatically does that with finesse, whether it’s a simple filter or a most beautiful 3D bullet effect.

6. SnapEdit


SnapEdit – AI Photo Editor

By SilverAI Inc

SnapEdit is the best competitor if you want to AI smart cutout feature or erase any object/human from a picture.

It’s a simpler process where you just have to click and choose the object you want to cut off the picture.

Once you have selected the object, then you can get it out of the whole background, keeping the remainder the same as the removed object wasn’t ever there in the picture.

Apart from this, you can also create an Anime AI Avatar for your face using the proficiency of this exclusive app.

7. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom MOD

PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor

By PhotoRoom Inc.

Again, we have an AI-based competitor in the room with a new bulk of facilities to rejuvenate your pictures with a new perfection layer.

Just a few seconds of clicking on an effect, you can remove its background and create stand-out content for your any E-Commerce business.

However, the premium subscription stops you from using the art, as it consists of a PhotoRoom watermark on the free version.

Having its mod will let you add perfection to your overall E-commerce marketplace or website with the pictures showing realistic apparel.

8. Polish Photo Editor Pro

Polish Photo Editor Pro

Polish – Photo Editor

By InShot Inc.

Polish Photo Editor Pro is an effect-rich android photo editor app which you can download and add effects to any of your pictures just in a few seconds.

Once you polished the picture with available neon light effects or AI stickers, then you can adjust the picture accordingly.

Moreover, it allows you to use the emoji backgrounds around your pictures by automatically detaching the actual background.

You can use all these features in among multiple aspect ratios, usable differently for posting on multiple aspect ratios including for Instagram Story, post, or Facebook.

9. Photo Studio

Photo Studio is a better option if you want to edit pictures by adding texts with various font styles and multiple customization settings.

Background removal is also possible nowadays with the latest version of Photo Studio app on the Android smartphones.

Either you’re online or offline, the app will facilitate you with different photo editing potentials, including effects to apply as well as color customizations.

10. Lensa

Lensa MOD

Lensa: Photo Editor & AI Art

By Prisma Labs, Inc.

Lensa is also an AI-based photo editing platform with the background removal tool allowing you to cut out the whole background just in a single click.

Moreover, you can choose from a library of 600 preset background options or using the phone’s Gallery.

The app allows you to download any resource and use it conveniently to the picture as per your requirement.

Later, you’ll be ready to select among a diversity of customizations, including hue, saturation, vignette, brightness, and contrast.


After reading thoroughly about all the exceptional key points listed for all the above few competitors, you can judge and find out the most required option.

Finally, you’ll have to pick among them. In simple words, you can point out your photo editing requirements and choose the best among these 10 tools and download their mods simplistically from our website.

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