+ WARP: Safer Internet + WARP: Safer Internet

v6.34 by Cloudflare, Inc. Verified

Name1.1.1.1 + WARP: Safer Internet
PublisherCloudflare, Inc.
Genre Utilities
Size 20M
Version 6.34
UpdateJuly 11, 2024
Mod Features Free WARP+
Compatibility 5.0 and up
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The Warp + is a decent VPN application that protects security and privacy with better internet speed support. Download this apk to get unlimited Warp+.

Are you looking for a way to protect your data and privacy while streaming online? In that case, you will need the that will provide immersive security and privacy features for a smooth internet connectivity experience. Furthermore, you won’t face lags or slow connection issues with this application.

For those who are not aware, if you are not using a VPN service, you are making your data vulnerable to the prying eyes of scammers. Although there’s a low chance that you might face any trouble, nobody can stay 100% alert all the time. Besides this, we all search several websites that might not be that secure and extract your data for further damage. MOD APK

Therefore, it’s become essential to rely on the VPN service because they provide seamlessly smooth internet protection while wandering around different parts of the online space.

Moreover, you will find tons of options on the Playstore, but if you are in search of something secure and well-known, you can check out the Wrap+ application from the below section.

What is Wrap+?

The Wrap+ is a useful mobile app from Cloudflare that renders impressive internet connectivity for android smartphone users. All you need to use this application and enjoy a high-speed internet connection, while at the same time, you are getting tons of additional security protocols that avoid internet exploration. It’s an interesting and amazing tool to wander around online with complete security and privacy. MOD

It’s a full-fledged tool that will make internet usage more stable and provide faster connectivity speed, while you also obtain various other perks under the hood. With this, you can freely connect to your Wi-Fi or Cellular data and enjoy the whole experience in a lot easier way.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly hide the IP address, remove internet browser history, and do various other things without any hassle. Moreover, the app is expected to increase the internet speed by 30% in regular condition, which is quite good.

On the other hand, this application is quite popular on the Playstore and many people love its additional buffs. On top of that, the app interface is pretty clean and easy to use since the VPN button is directly present on the home screen. MOD S1

Plus, it’s worth noting that the Warp + doesn’t have any advertisement inside the app, which grants a smooth and clean UI experience. However, you will notice a slightly low speed, if you don’t unlock the Unlimited Wrap plan.

Though it impacts you that much when you are using social media, it’s a completely different story when you are streaming content since the internet speed is that fast, and you will notice buffering sometimes. Anyway, if you are looking for unlimited wrap options in the VPN apk, you can check out the following application.

What is Premium?

This new is similar to the official version and provides various security and privacy perks that will help you to surf the internet in the best way possible.

But at the same time, the best part of this application is that you are getting unlimited Wrap options, which will eventually boost the internet connection speed, and also provide those fabulous perks free of cost. MOD S2

It’s a brilliant application that grants impressive features, while the VPN servers offer private networks so that you thoroughly enjoy the online experience in a pretty convenient way.

With that said, don’t waste your time and get the latest version of the for your android phone from this post.


We have only just scratched the surface, and there are lots of interesting things that remain to be covered. In the following section, you will get to know about the exciting features of this modified version. Therefore, let’s get started.

Easy to Use

The app interface is the key factor in whether the user likes the app or not. Hopefully, you are getting a clean UI in which everything is placed correctly.

It includes the WARP button right on the home screen so that you can easily access the VPN servers and smoothly use your internet privately. Furthermore, you can refer to this to get more data.

Unlimited Warp+

Usually, if you are using the free version, you will receive limited data that you can use on this private network, while it may sound good at first instance. MOD S3

But it will soon run out after a few days of usage. However, if you download the, you will receive unlimited WARP for a stable internet connection.

Faster Internet connection

Like many VPN services, the Warp+ also provides a faster internet connection. But for blazing-fast speed, you will need to purchase the unlimited plan, while if you are using the modded version, you will attain those impressive perks free of cost.

With that, you won’t face any problems with streaming content online or playing advanced games. Not to forget, it’s proven that this application will enhance the overall connection speed by 30% in general.

Better Security

On top of that, if you are interested in securely using the internet, you can rely on the WARP technology provided by Cloudflare.

Once you have downloaded the, it will filter out malware, phishing, and other cyber threats to grant more security while being online. Furthermore, it allows devices protected from the dark side of the internet. MOD S4

Protect Device Privacy

There are apps like Snap VPN and that are constantly working on improving the overall privacy factor when you are browsing the Internet using your phone.

With the VPN servers, the app allows you to encrypt your IP address and reduce your online tracking activity to some extent.

Due to this, nobody will be able to track your data easily. Besides this, the app is not collecting data so you can be at ease while using it.


From the above part, you will grasp proper information about this apk, while it also has several other perks once you download the MOD APK.

Furthermore, you will receive the new version with free Warp+, so you don’t have to worry about bug issues. With that, get complete internment online without reducing internet connectivity speed.

Meanwhile, if you come across any problems or have some queries regarding VPN services, do let us know in the comment section to get a quick response. Besides, share your thoughts and feedback below.

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